So you have decided to get yourself some nose jewelry, but are not ready to take the plunge, and get your nose pierced. Not everyone is suited to this procedure, but enjoy the look, but don't want the pain and possible infections. So what do you do?


Magnetic Fake Nose Stud

Magnetic Labret Nose or Ear Stud
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You get yourself some fake nose rings. They are very realistic and there are many different types on the market. It can be hard to tell the difference. This way, you can choose to wear some jewelry, depending on your activities of the day, or not. The pros, with regards to this look, is that you can pick and choose when to wear it. If you choose not to wear it, your nose doesn't sport any scars, and a fake one can be changed for different styles without trouble.

Some people may have had a hard time getting their ears pierced, and therefore, don't want to go down the road of nose piercing, especially if they risk infections and pain. Everyone reacts differently to these procedures, and you do have to take care of a piercing until it totally heals.


There are different types of fake nose jewelry on the market. You can get spring loaded which is self explanatory, you basically widen it to fit, and it will sit comfortably without falling out. They look real, and feel quite comfortable.

Stick on Fake Nose Stud


These types of jewelry, have a backing that is magnetic, to keep the ring in place. Many people feel for the nose, you may be better off with the spring loaded one as the magnet may not hold or if you touch your face you could send it flying, but it is an alternative.  You can get many colours and designs that work. 

Fake Piercing

Fake Studs

These are really pretty. If you are looking for a little glitter on your face. They are very realistic and usually come in a package of ten, but you can get them in singles too, such as a diamond look. They have a very strong and yet gentle skin glue, and they will stay on your nose as long as you want them too. When it is time to remove it, you just get the edge of your nail underneath and they will come off.

Nose Jewelry can be a great addition to your look, but if you just can't face getting a real piercing, then trying the fake styles and fake studs, might be the way to go. Or if you are thinking about getting a piercing, purchasing some false one can help you decide if this is the look for you.  It would be a great idea, to see if you even like the idea of wearing face jewelry.

Where to Find Them?

You can purchase rings and studs, online in places like Ebay and Amazon and other body piercing sites. Many of them carry the "faux" line of face jewelery.

Looking online is a great place to start, you can get them very cheap, and the shipping will be cheap.  You could put them on your wish list for birthdays or Christmas.

Facial jewelry, can be a great addition to your Halloween costume or dress up party as well.  You can make all your costumes look more realistic and they are easy to remove.  But they really do have a realistic quality to them.

So, if getting any kind of piercing, makes you squeamish, then check out the lines of fake nose jewelry on the market and get the look you want without the pain or worry of infections.