If you have decided to add to your look with a nose piecing stud, cool. But now you have to decide on the style, size and the material that this nose piercing stud is made from. Here are a few choices to help you decide. This is a big decision, so you should always do research and know how your body reacts to certain materials and metals.

Here are just a few options on the market right now:

Nose Piercing Stud - BioFlex Jewelled Nose Studnose piercing stud bioflex

This is some of the newer material on the market. It is strong and yet flexible. There is no rigid metal or nickel to deal with (good news if you have reactions to nickel, especially with this being in plain view, you don't want reaction trouble!) this is affordable.

It can be sterilized which means you can also have your nose piercing stud done with this particular brand and material. It has flexibility, which allows for any swelling that may occur after piercing. (which is normal)

The Jewel of this nose piercing stud, is small, approximately 1.75 mm round, and sits on a transparent BioFlex lip so that it sits flat on the nose, showing off the sparkle. This is a great entry nose piercing stud.

Surgical Steel Jewelled Nose Piercing Studnose piercing stud surgical steel

If you have pierced ears, or any other piercing, and have always relied on surgical steel, then this might be the right nose piercing for you. Surgical steel has been used for many years as an alternative to nickel and other metals that can cause an allergic reaction. It is cheaper than gold (which is usually not allergenic). These are super small, but also add sparkle.

You can also get surgical steel jewelled nose piercing studs in black surgical steel for a different look, but with the same qualities as the regular surgical steel.

24ct Gold Plated Nose Piercing Studnose piercing stud gold

If you have the wallet for this, then you can go for the 24 carat nose piercing stud. It is high quality, and to save some money, you can get them with surgical steel with a layer of 24 carat gold on top, which makes this a very hypo allergenic stud for nose piercing.

If you have concerns about any reactions, based on previous experiences, such as with ear piercing, then you may need to pay a little more and go for the gold. But the three choices above are high quality, and you have lots to choose from when it comes to nose piercing studs.

Nose piercing has become one of the most popular piercings now. There is the nose piercing stud which has become very popular, giving you that sparkle and some feel looks classier than a actual nose ring. Although both nose piercing are common, I am seeing more and more of the nose piercing studs, using a tiny gem or diamond for a sparkle.

Which ever way you go, you have to keep your nose stud piercing or nose piercing clean, especially in the beginning until it heals, the nose is an area that is obviously prone to infection, so keep your piercing really clean and you should not have trouble with your nose piercing stud.