What Was Your Favorite Nostalgic Candy?

If you have a penchant for candy from your childhood, know that there are tons of nostalgic candy and retro candy options available for you to choose from. Depending on how old you are (this can be a dead giveaway, haha), you probably have your own personal idea of what nostalgic candy is. Personally, I used to love Squeeze Pops.. they were a large tube that contained a flavored gel that was available in cherry, grape and lemon lime (I think). You would squeeze it out, eat it and throw the tube away when you were done. It was quite popular, I'm not sure whatever happened to it.

Necco wafers and candy button are definitely nostalgic candy, but they are still pretty easy to find if you look for them in your local grocery store. Mary Janes are becoming more and more difficult to get a hold of, but they can usually be found in the small generic candy bags in the grocery store. Remember candy cigarettes? I haven't seen these in regular stores in years. I think they stopped them because they felt that they encouraged children to start smoking. I always loved candy cigarettes, and I never became a smoker. I remember trying to blow the chalky "smoke" out of the candy cigarettes with my friends before unwrapping it and chewing the gum. I think candy cigs were a cousin to the huge bubble gum cigars, which were pretty cool to eat, too. Don't forget the Big League Chew, which, in hindsight, was probably a heck of a choking hazard waiting to happen. Most people would try to cram every last strip of that gum in their mouth, to emulate the ball player on the package. Don't lie; you know you did it too!

Remember Charms squares? If I recall correctly, I think they started putting those in military MREs. They were still pretty good, kind of like a prehistoric jolly rancher. How about Kits Taffy, and JuJu Bees. Back then, we never thought about what it would do to our teeth, but I can definitely imagine the aftermath of these gummy chewies. 

Do you remember the Lil' Devil's Cinnamon Toothpicks? The boys would love to compete and see how long they could last with these spicy toothpicks. The girls would usually just watch, impressed at their willpower. I remember the Nik-L-Nip wax bottles; they had a sweet syrup inside that you were supposed to drink. I remember trying to eat the bottle the very first time I tried them, and quickly learned that it was not meant to be eaten.

What about the Wax Lips and Wax Fangs? You could wear them as a Halloween get up, or you could wear them just to spook your friends. Razzles were extra cool- their claim to fame was that they were first a candy, then a gum. I remember trying to eat them quickly, before they transformed into gum. Zots were similar to Razzles, as they had the fizzy stuff in the middle of them that fizzled when you ate them. With so many cool choices, searching for nostalgic candy is so cool- what was your favorite retro candy?

Nostalgic Candy

What's your favorite nostalgic candy?