If all the predictions done so far were right, our world will be heading to the end in less than three years from now. The end of world prophecy is a widely spoken subject especially with the release of the Hollywood blockbuster movie 2012 last December.

The main question is, "Is the world going to end in2012?" Let's find out the Nostradamus Prediction.

Nostradamus Prediction

NostradamusNostradamus was a famous French astrologer and physician. He had come out with a lot of prophecies during his lifetime (1503-1566) and one of his most famous and that one which has attracted most attention is none other than "The End of the Word" prediction.

Although most of Nostradamus predictions were quite right until now, yet there were still a lot of unanswered questions regarding his accuracy. For example, there were many different versions of interpretations made regarding all of his previous predictions and some were right while some weren't.

For that, it was suggested that what being interpreted depend entirely on the ability of one could imagine; some sort of personal opinion or view regarding of what Nostradamus has said. The person might have read into what he had said and tied it with something that has already happened. It would more like a coincidence than a pure prediction.

One of Nostradamus sayings was "From the roof, evil will fall on a great man. They will accuse an innocent. The guilty one is hiding in a misty copse." Most people have tied this saying with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy but the reality is it could be just someone else in the future or in the past. The flaw here was he didn't mention a name or a specific kind of person. His credibility can be questioned here.

Now back to the End of the World Prophecy. Nostradamus predicted that the world will come to the end with a comet and fire that falls from the sky. To further support his prediction, he even mentioned that the comet will first hit the sea near Italy and France. This will follow by the attack of Muslims from the south of France before getting into Europe. Russia on the other hand will invade Europe from the north and hence, starting the World War III - the last war that kills the world.

This prediction might not look real but yet we could not deduce completely the possibility of such incident. It should be noted here that many of his previous prophecies have proven to be true and these include the 911 Terrorist Attack and Barrack Obama as the first black man to be elected as president. If these were purely based on guessing, he must be really great on that.

However, one thing for sure he never mentioned the date 2012 as the date when the world ends. So could it be the last Olympics that we witness is the one held in London? Let's us see.