Losing weight (especially the weight you don't want) always seems to the most unpleasant and daunting task one can undertake.  Most diets require complete life makeovers that bring about displeasure, crankiness and most commonly abandonment.  It is not practical for most of the busy world to empty out their refrigerator, go out and buy anything that is green and give up some of the things they have loved for so long.  Here are three small changes that have been shown to help stimulate fat loss as well as prevent any new gains.

1.  Drink grapefruit juice prior to having your morning coffee (be it one cup or many).

2. Time your protein intake.

3. Limit DIET soft drinks to 16 oz. (you still aren't allowed to drink the regular stuff).


Now, the science behind it all.

 Grapefruit (as well as OJ) contain naringenin.  It has been shown to work as a powerful anti-oxidant and inhibit the absorbtion of carbohydrates.  It's most potent and relevant aspect to coffee is that it can extend the half-life of the fat burning molecule caffeine.  Caffeine is thought to reach it's half-life in the human body after about 5.7 hours (at this point it is half effective).  Drinking grapefruit juice prior to this can extend the amount of time caffeine can work on mobilizing and breaking down free fatty acids (FFA).

Timing your protein intake can help control your appetite in a couple of different ways.  Consuming higher amounts of protein can help give you the feeling of being full and thus preventing over-eating.  High protein intake can also help suppress the cravings for carbs.  Focus on higher protein at breakfast, at least 20grams (30g would be ideal, this is about 3 eggs).

There is little and most likely no health benefits from regular soft drinks but for those of you that can't live without your Diet Coke or Diet Mountain Dew there is still hope but it comes with a limit.  The reason for the limitation of 16oz is that aspartame (the substance that gives you the sweet taste) has been shown to stimulate weight gain.  It is a complex substance for the liver to break down and uses lots of energy when it is broken down and can inhibit the livers ability to process fat and break it down instead of putting it into storage.


These strategies may not give you instant 6-pack abs but they most definitely are simple enough to integrate into everyday life and assist in your ability to lose those unwanted fat pounds.

Please feel free to comment with questions and/or comments. 

An Assistant to Fat Loss