9 of the Top Culinary Schools in the U.S.

Nearly a Dozen Great cooking schools

The culinary field is one of the most sought after career fields for recent high school graduates  as well as adults returning to school. People who are passionate about cooking tend to enjoy working in this particular industry because it combines their love of cooking with a potentially lucrative career with even more potential for growth.


The Culinary Institute of America

Not only is The CIA one of the best culinary arts colleges in California, it’s counted as one of the best in the country and arguably the world. There are many notable alumni of this not-for-profit college who enjoying successful careers as resturanteers.  There are various culinary inspired fields of study. Students master the art of gourmet cooking on the sprawling campus. The unique and prestigious CIA Certified Wine Professional Exam is available for students as well as more basic wine, pastry and culinary classes.

International Culinary Center

Formally the French Culinary Institute, this California institution offers a unique learning experience for the avid foodie. Italian cuisine is of the many courses to choose from as well as what is known as the “farm to table” program which give chefs practical knowledge of the food chain by removing from the kitchen and placing them in the fields where food is born. Teens and cooking novices are also welcome at the ICC for personal enrichment classes and workshops.


Escoffier Culinary Arts School

The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has a Bolder, Colorado location that offers three different fields of study.  The culinary arts program is the cornerstone programs of the college. This program allows students to study with experienced instructors and covers the cooking techniques necessary to become a professional chef. The Baking and Pastry major focuses on the sweeter side of cooking and includes study of the methodology, technology, techniques and terminology classic pastry baking. The third option is the home cook workshop which is offered over one or two days on weekday nights and weekends. This class is more for the novice cook who wants to improve his or her confidence in the kitchen while improving current cooking skill.


Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu is one of the most recognized names of culinary institutes in the nation. With over  one dozen locations students across the country are earning certification and Associates degree in Culinary Arts or Culinary Operations.

New York

The Culinary Institute of America

One of three campuses, the original and largest campus is in Hyde Park, NY. Students are immersed in every facet of food prep and service and can choose from several industry-specific focuses.  The CIA in Hyde Park is one of the few institutions to offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Science.

The Institute of Culinary Education

New York is considered one of several food capitals which is why culinary schools in the empire state are easy to come by. The ICE offers both career training for culinarians as well as professional development for career chefs. Cake decorating classes, catering courses and program tailored for culinary entrepreneurs are just some of the programs available for enrollees.


The Culinary Institute of America

Nicknamed The CIA this school is known as the world’s premier culinary college. The Texas campus is located in San Antonio and offers the same state of the art facilities afforded the other three campuses. There are culinary courses for the aspiring master chef interested in an accredited associate’s degree as those who are interested in a certificate program or personal enrichment courses.

Escoffier Culinary Arts Schools

The State of Texas is home to many great schools including great schools for chefs in training. This particular school has two locations, one of which in Austin. The Austin location offers two programs for aspiring chefs. One is the culinary arts program which is a 40-week program that is based on a curriculum that covers various areas of basic and advanced cooking production. The Baking and Pastry program covers the essentials of the science of baking and the art of pastry making from execution to plating.

Remington College

In the state of Texas Remington College is quickly becoming one of the top schools to enroll in online accredited college courses. The culinary arts program, however, is a 100 percent hands on in the classroom training.  Students can earn an Associates of Arts in Culinary Arts at the Garland campus (located near Dallas.) Job placement assistance is also available for graduates seeking employment in fine restaurants and dining establishments.

There is a wealth of information for aspiring cooks who want to find out how to become a sous chef or obtain employment in the food service industry. All of the schools listed here provide free information about their school and the programs available. There are many good culinary colleges in the U.S.  To begin a great career in the field of cooking the first step is to enroll in one of the top culinary schools and colleges in the United States.