When using the computer, having a large monitor greatly enhances the experience, whether you're watching videos or typing reports. A bigger monitor, accompanied by a powerful video card, makes the images on your computer screen look more vibrant. As a result, laptop and notebook computer manufacturers released items with large screens. Enter the notebook 17, your 17-inch answer to boring times in front of the computer.

The 17-Inch Monitor

Notebook 17 is gaining popularity with the laptop-using populace, given its large screen. Users get to enjoy large and colorful sprites whenever they go online or do any computer-related task. Naturally, these notebook computers have powerful processors and a plethora of installed enhancements, to maximize the large monitor. They execute multiple commands, simultaneously, at a blinding pace. Some models could support graphically intensive programs, such as online games and video editing software.

Cooling Systems for Powerful Processors

High-powered notebook computers, when frequently used for extended periods, may overheat, damaging the processor and can ultimately lead to a computer crash. To prevent this occurrence, manufacturers equip their machines with a 17 notebook cooler. The fan, which is found right in front of the processor, automatically spins when you turn on the computer. It cools the machine, as you use it for hours and hours. In some situations, however, the cooler fails to cool down the processor, particularly if you're working at a very warm environment. Having an air conditioner eases much of the load from the notebook cooler.

The Leading Brands

Numerous notebook 17s are out on the market, mostly bearing powerful processors and video cards. Among the collection of computer brands and models, there are several items that stand out in terms of performance and reliability. Products like the Macbook, Medion notebooks, HP notebook 17 and the Acer notebook 17 not only have noteworthy specs, they could also last for years, without incurring major damage, as long as your maintain them properly and install desktop security software. These machines are often as powerful as souped-up desktop computers. Also, the distinction of having such notebook computers instantly gains you the respect of other people, especially during client presentations.

The Ladies' Notebook

Notebook 17s often have a sleek professional look, which enhances the image of professionals. Women, especially youngsters, on the other hand, prefer something more feminine. They often go for pink notebooks, which appear like fashion accessories. One great option is the vtech nitro notebook pink. Their color is robust and their contours are more stylized, but don't let their appearance fool you. They are just as efficient as their professional-looking counterparts. Check their specs and you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Smaller Alternatives

Not all people adore having a notebook 17, even if it sports superior performance. Two of the main reasons why people purchase notebook computers are they're compact and lightweight. A notebook 17 is clearly large and heavier than normal laptops. If you're not really after video quality, you're better off with smaller notebooks. Some models are just as powerful as notebook 17s, in spite of their size. Just install the necessary add-ons, for your notebook to be as efficient as desktop computers. Pretty soon, working at a normal office set up will be too dull for comfort.

Less Two Inches, Less the Price

The notebook 17, given its features, is quite expensive, especially if you're going for the leading brands. Even if you purchase it on an installment plan, it could make dents on your budget. So, if you're a little short on cash, you can settle for a slightly smaller alternative – the notebook 15. Having a 15-inch monitor, two-inches smaller than its more popular cousin, the notebook 15 is a bit cheaper than a notebook 17 and has practically the same features. The processing speeds are identical, since they depend on the specs, not the monitor size. As for the video card, both models often use the same type. Besides, you can purchase a powerful card and have it installed on your computer, regardless if it's the notebook 15 or 17.

Notebook Sale

If you want to have a notebook 17 for less, purchase one at a notebook sale. Notebook computer dealers, from time to time, slash off the prices of their wares, to attract more customers. Before, you have to frequent computer shops to know of such offers, but nowadays, the internet makes the job of finding discounted items easy. Just use a reputable search engine, like Google or Yahoo, to find notebook sales. You can place orders online, so your notebook 17 will be delivered in front of your doorstep, no hassles involved.

Why Surf at Home when You can Do It Elsewhere?

The notebook 17 is the perfect item for a rich online experience, within the confines of your preferred coffee shop or establishment. Grab your favorite beverage and savor the environment. Once you open your computer, you'll be in your happy place. Caffeine-loving techies, rejoice.