Nothing is Real is one of the lines in the old Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever.
Some decades ago, in the happy flower power days, it was easy to comprehend that nothing was real in the world of dreams created then by addictive strawberries and other more hard core addictive herbs. Many were addicted, and it was spiced up by Beatles' lyrics and music, telling the truth of the addictive strawberry fields.

Nowadays, there are other addictive strawberry fields where Nothing is Real. In particular there are many addictive fields in several of the Facebook games.

Nothing is Real in the FaceBook games, - and yet it is so addictive!
Or maybe it is addictive because it isn't real?
The Farmville Strawberry Fields capture the minds of thousands of people all around the world every hour, 24 hours a day. The result is Farmville Strawberry Fields Forever.

Those people who are addicted will have their daily routines centered around the harvesting and planting of the crops at their Farmville farm. It will be the very first thing they check in the morning. They take a peep of the fields during the coffee and lunch breaks at work. And at home they put their social and family lives at risk in order to nurse the Farmville Strawberry Fields.

Well, many of those who suffer from the Farmville Addiction do (eventually) get free from the hard working in the virtual strawberry fields. But some of those, who get out of the FarmVille treadmill, only move on from Farmville to YoVille.

At YoVille they work even harder and eventually they get a nice YoVille House!
The virtual house is very beautiful decorated and it has nicer furniture than the real house they live in has. Those Farmville players who are addicted do all the tricks they know in order to get more and more YoCoins so they can buy more things; - and yet Nothing is Real.

For many FaceBook players the YoVille Addiction is only cured by moving up the to next level of the Facebook games: The CaféWorld!

But at least at
CaféWorld, the positive thing is that now the game place them in some real challenging situations that are demanding keen business skills. And if one doesn't place the tables in the restaurant correct, i.e. if you don't place them so it is easy to move around in your café, then you don't have any good business. And if you let your customers wait too long, then they leave and you do not earn any CaféWorld money.

Even though this is a virtual business, then this online money earning experience ought to make a bell ring in your mind!
Waking you up and making you realize that the Internet is a great place to earn money.
But instead of the virtual Farmville credits, the YoCoins, and the CaféWorld money, then you should aim for some real money.

So drop out of the Facebook Business College where Nothing is Real and join instead a place where your addiction can result in Real Money.
Maybe you are now asking: Where?
Well, you are looking at such a place right now!
Join Info Barrel here and earn some real money by writing articles. If you get addicted to writing at InfoBarrel then it will only result in some extra real money!

However, if you are not yet ready for real money, then read the Confessions of an Ex Farmville Addict, here you will find more about Farmville Addiction, where Nothing is Real.