Have you suffered from blood pressure before? Do you know the causes of blood pressure? Do you even know when you are suffering from blood pressure; here is a summary of the causes, symptoms, and possible treatments for the dreaded blood pressure.

So let’s first know what blood pressure is. Blood pressure is when your blood increases the force by which it pushes through the blood vessels. Pressure which is also called hypertension is very dangerous since it makes the heart work harder than it should and this makes the heart tired causing its muscles to weaken and this would possibly cause a heat attack or failure.

You should frequent your doctor for check ups and this way he can advise you on when you have a normal or abnormal blood pressure. In medical terms a normal blood pressure as your doctor would probably write on your results slip is less than 120/80.while an abnormal blood pressure which would mean you are hypertensive would be 140-159/90-99 which is stage one high blood pressure; 160/100 and above would mean you are in the stage two  of hypertension.

Causes of high pressure
There is no definite cause for high pressure but the following are some factors that would contribute to you having hypertension.

Being overweight or obese
If you are over weight, the size of your heart remains the same and this would only mean that to pump blood to the whole body it will need to work harder than the usual and this would cause high blood pressure.

When you are stressed you body tends to work faster than normal this is because you are not settled and the faster your body works the faster and harder your heart has to work hence increased blood pressure.

Lack of physical exercise
If you do not do some physical exercise then you body tends to gain extra weight in turn called cholesterol. This cholesterol mostly settles in the blood vessels making movement of blood difficult hence the heart has to work harder for the blood to pump, and this causes high pressure.

Chronic kidney disorders
The kidney is used to clean the blood so if the kidney does not do the cleaning of the blood as quick as it should then the flow of blood slows down and hence the heart has to work harder than normal so that blood will get to all parts of the body hence increased blood pressure.

These are the main causes of high blood pressure others would include, smoking, too much salt in the diet, genetics and adrenal and thyroid disorders.

High blood pressure does not have specific symptoms but you may notice frequent headaches, you may also notice that your heart beats much faster and louder than normal and also you may feel some pain in your veins as blood is being pumped.

As soon as you realize any of the symptoms see your doctor to advice on how you would bring the high pressure down. Some of the treatments he would administer include advice to stop smoking. Try to do many physical exercises to reduce weight. Avoid drinking excessive alcohol. Reduce the amount of salt in your food. Finally, go for regular check ups.