Novaform memory foam mattress, a product of Sleep Innovations (, is truly one of the most popular brands when it comes to memory foam mattresses. But what makes Novaform memory foam mattress a staple name in household brands? Here we'll find more about Novaform and other sleep line products that makes snoozing off at night more comfortable and truly relaxing.

Novaform Memory Foam Mattresses

One of the leading names when it comes to memory foam mattresses, Novaform comes in eight and twelve inches of combined premium top layer of temperature-sensitive memory foam technology and a fully supportive conventional foam for a comfortable, non-feathery soft mattress.

12" Memory Foam Mattress. Three inches of memory foam on top of nine inch-thick conventional and high-density foam to eliminate uncomfortable pressure points: a perfect mix of comfort and standard back support is what makes this Novaform memory foam mattress a favorite. The temperature-sensitive memory foam absorbs and evenly distributes your weight - instead of pushing you back - making you feel nestled and more relaxed.

Caring for your mattress couldn't be easier. No more flipping or turning your mattress. Novaform comes with luxurious knit cover that could be easily removed for machine washing.

8" Memory Foam Mattress. The top layer of memory foam is designed to help reduce turning and tossing by removing your mattress' sore pressure points. The sleeping surface of Novaform memory foam shape around to your body's mold during sleep so you wouldn't have to toss around finding your natural and relaxed sleeping position. With the memory foam technology, you could have faster sleeping time so you could wake up from a longer, restful sleep. The 8" Novaform memory foam mattress combines two and half inches of premium top layer of memory foam and five and half inches of conventional, highly resilient foam for a superb back support.

Other Sleeping Accessories

Cool Breeze ® Pillow. This two inch-thick memory foam contour pillow uses the revolutionary Temptouch ® technology that allows greater air flow with its open cell structure. The Cool Breeze ® pillow is cooler than your conventional pillow so you don't have to wake up at night with your face feeling hot.

Plush Supreme™ Pillow. Resist the natural flattening of your pillow with the revolutionary Plush Supreme™. The memory foam of the Plush Supreme™ pillow contours around your shoulders, head, and neck, keeping you in your most comfortable position through the night. The durable and elegant cover of the Plush Supreme™ uses a combination of satiny and cotton material on each side of the pillow so you could choose whatever feels more comfortable and relaxing.

Imperial Memory Foam Topper. Need more comfort with your mattress? The Imperial Memory Foam Topper is a truly luxurious bed accessory that uses temperature sensitive and high density memory foam that molds around your body while you sleep. While the Novaform product line had been known for ages for making quality and durable sleep accessories, the Imperial Memory Foam Topper also comes with Teflon ®, a luxurious fabric cover that could be easily unzipped for washing and guards your mattress from soiling and spills.