Novel Writing Guide The Basics

There are many things you need to take into consideration before you sit down to write your novel.  In this novel writing guide we will discuss some of the points you need to cover before writing that book.  Many aspiring writers set high goals for themselves but never get the task of completing a finished book done.  They often do the wrong things when it comes to writing a book or they don't carefully plan out the book before writing it.

One of the most important things you need to do before you write your book is to have a concrete plan on how you want to complete the book.  Before you even start to write you should do things such as a character sketch for every person to be featured in your book if it is a fiction style book.  Other things you need to plan out include locations, plot, and a general chapter outline of the story so it is easier to sit down and start writing.  Of course you can change characters, locations and other things in your book as you write the story but careful planning before you start will make the writing process easier for you.  Gather all the materials you need and then start competing your finished book.

Research and More Planning

If your book requires research you should do this before you start writing so you save yourself time when it comes to completing your publication.  You might for example, have to conduct interviews if you are writing a nonfiction book so you need to plan out these events before you write your completed manuscript.  The more you plan before writing the easier it will be to see your dream of being published become a reality.  One way you can keep all this information together is to use some writing software.  This will make it easy to find a certain piece of information when you need it.  This is better than trying to find a small piece of information in a pile of papers on your desk.  Careful planning goes a long way towards the final completion of your manuscript.

Schedule Your Novel Writing

How To Write a Novel

To make writing easier you should plan to work on your manuscript as much as possible with a set plan of writing so many words per day or so many chapters per week.  Make sure you follow your writing plan to see the best results.  If you find that you hit writer's block you should take a small break and rest your mind before getting back to work on your book.  If you can't seen to write anything where you currently are in your book try to sketch out a scene and try just working on that.  You can then put together the scenes and make completed chapters.  You will probably face several times where you hit a block but you just have to keep working through it towards completion of your writing.  The more you write the easier it will become.

Other Things to Help You Finish Your Novel

Other things you can do include reading as much as possible about novel writing.  You can use the Internet to read articles on novel writing and how to work on specific genres.  This will help you with your own book and your dreams of becoming a published writer.  Use website forums and other chat to connect with other writer's and get their opinions which will help you with your book.  Social media such as Twitter can help you find other people who are trying to write a book just like you are trying to do.  This can give you extra encouragement to continue working on your book towards its completion.

You Can Finish That Book

This novel writing guide should provide you with the basics to get started writing and finishing your manuscript.  The important points to consider is that you need a careful plan before you even sit down to write your book.  With a thought out plan you can finish your manuscript in less time and with fewer headaches.