Although many people may think that novelty birthday cakes are a thing of the past, it is a matter of fact that they are still very popular in our current society. People love to spice things up now-a-days, and a simply birthday cake that has "Happy Birthday Tommy" written on it will simply not cut it anymore. The novelty birthday cakes that you will find in your local bakery are the perfect thing to do exactly this...spice it up! Whether your plan is to purchase one from your local bakery or to dish out some extra money to have one custom made for your loved one, novelty birthday cakes are definitely the way to go in regards to style, taste, and visual appeal when it comes to the day that you were born.

Action Figures Make Great Novelty Birthday Cakes

Although this may seem like a children-like thing to do, purchasing novelty birthday cakes that involve some of your favourite action figures is suitable for people that are of any age. My grandfather had a figurine of Tiger Woods placed on his cake for his 85th birthday because he absolutely loved playing golf. This is only one example of so many elderly people that are not afraid to show their youthful side, and opt for an action figure to be placed on their cake. In addition, many children would love to see their favourite action figure during their Birthday celebration.

Novelty Birthday Cakes May Have A Recent Event On Them

Sometimes people encounter events that are either life-changing or simply mean a lot to them; these events should always be included on the novelty birthday cakes that they are having for their special day. An example of this would be an individual that has won the lottery a few weeks before their birthday; having a lottery ticket drawn onto the cake would be the perfect addition to their great party.

A Hobby Usually Makes Phenomenal Novelty Birthday Cakes

Almost everybody in this world has at least a few hobbies; these are things that they like to do more than the average activity. Some examples of these things include working on cars, working, playing basketball, and listening to music. What better thing to include on novelty birthday cakes than something that a person enjoys doing all of the time? A birthday is a time to celebrate the person that was born on that day, and the goal of all of their friends and family should be to brighten their day and make them feel great; moreover, choosing to include one of their favourite hobbies will surely do just that!

Your Favorite Superhero Or Idol Serve Great Purposes On Novelty Birthday Cakes

From the day that you have turned 3 years old to the day that you will turn 90 years old, there will likely be somebody that you idolize. For a child that is turning 3 years old it might be Spiderman, for a man that is turning 30 years old it might be their father, and for a woman that is turning 90 years old it might be her neighbour that can still walk around the block while being the same age as her. These individual look up to those other people, and for that sole reason should be included on any novelty birthday cakes that they may have on their special day.

Fantasy Princes And Princesses Are Great For Children's Novelty Birthday Cakes

This idea is more geared towards the younger children than the older adults because these princes and princesses play a more dominant role in our lives when we are younger. If you ask any child that is between 4 and 10 years old what they would like to be for Halloween, you will find that the majority of them will have a strong desire to be their favourite prince or princess from their favourite movie (it is a Disney movie more times than not). Your child will definitely find it rewarding if you choose to include their favourite fantasy prince or princess with their novelty birthday cakes, as it will incorporate their favourite fantasy character with their favourite day of the year. Some examples of the most popular princes and princesses are Aladin, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, and Belle.

A person's birthday is most likely one of the most favourite days of the year, and the cake that they receive plays a significant role in that day. This is why it is important to try to include novelty birthday cakes in any of these occasions. Not only will these novelty birthday cakes allow their favourite character, sport, or event to be incorporated into their favourite day of the year, but they will also taste great! There are many other ideas that you can use for these types of cakes; however, the ones that are presented to you throughout this article are seemingly the most popular ones.