Novelty condoms can be a funny way to spread some laughter. They make great gag gifts and come in almost any theme imaginable. From cute to crazy, the selection seems to grow more varied. Each day the news produces another scandal that has novelty condom manufacturers struggling to keep up with demand for a hot new joke condom. From Tiger Woods to Brett Favre and more, the humble condom lends itself perfectly for joking around.

What novelty condoms are available?

The wider range of funny condoms is mainly broken down into two types: the condom itself, or the packaging. Movie and television fans may have encountered the glow-in-the-dark condom, which has become a comedy staple. The first type of joke involves the condom. The latex is colored or embellished with extra sculptural parts like lips, whiskers, or other silly things. They can be bought in rainbow colors, hot pink, several different shades that glow, and even camouflage! The other most common type of novelty condom involves just the packaging. Usually a standard condom in encased in its wrapper and a funny picture or joke is inked onto the package. The messages may range from coy to downright raunchy and everywhere in between. Some types are definitely not meant to be seen in public!

Who uses novelty condoms?

There is a joke condom available for all people and all occasions, so a better question may be "Who doesn't use them?" The gags are endless. Good friends will slip joke condoms in a buddies jacket, glove box, sofa cushion etc. for their wife or girlfriend to find. Women may offer their partner a novelty condom to lighten the mood during a romantic evening. Men may use them on Valentine's Day. They are almost required at bachelor parties and may end up festooned on a car during a wedding or anniversary celebration. Like the whoopee cushion, they have become a standard joke item and as long as there are politicians, sports figures and holidays there will continue to be condoms making fun of them.

Are novelty condoms safe?

The best thing about them is the user does not have to risk pregnancy or disease all for the sake of a joke. The types that involve the material itself are harmless. The dyes or inks are fully tested for safety and even the glow-in-the-dark variety is harmless. The types that are limited to funny packaging are the same materials and quality as normal condoms. Often large more famous companies supply the joke houses with the raw materials for their products. There is a wide range of types of condoms found in world of novelties. They can be found in latex and with a bit of searching natural skins and there are even funny polyurethane condoms for those jokesters with allergies. When used correctly, they can be just as safe and effective as a regular condom. At the end of it all, there is nothing funny about an unwanted pregnancy or disease.

Novelty condoms are a great way to brighten the mood or cause embarrassment to a good friend. They can be found at many novelty or joke stores. They can also be purchased online at Amazon or through other trusted retailers. From innocent fun to crude jokes meant for private use, the world of novelty condoms is a big one.