Just like other holidays, there are many different novelty Thanksgiving clothes that you can wear to your family feast. In the past, families would wear their best clothing to Grandma’s house to eat their turkey dinner. Nowadays, Thanksgiving is more casual. People wear their best jeans and a nice shirt so they can be comfortable watching the post Thanksgiving dinner football games.

If you want to be the center of attention, wearing any of these unusual novelty Thanksgiving clothes to your gathering will certainly take the other guests’ eyes off the turkey.

Novelty Thanksgiving Clothes-Ties

Thanksgiving ties are fun to wearCredit: www.amazon.com

Ties have come a long way since the days of stripes and paisleys. For those who still dress for the holiday, Thanksgiving ties add a bit of whimsy to any suit. Men have a choice of ties featuring turkeys, pumpkins, cornucopias and Pilgrims. Because they are so colorful, no one should notice if you get any cranberry sauce or gravy on it. There are many Thanksgiving themed ties for boys and men to choose.

Novelty Thanksgiving Clothes-A Turkey Purse

Thaksgiving Purse adds whimsy to your ensembleCredit: www.amazon.com

I dare anyone to wear this novelty purse to the Black Friday sales at the mall after Thanksgiving. Carrying a bird over your should will certainly turn eyes and may even appear with a black bar across your eyes as a walking Glamour “Don’t”.

Clothes for Babies

Thanksgiving turkey costume for infantsCredit: www.amazon.com

Fortunately, infants will not be mad at you forever for dressing them in as a turkey. Just be sure to take a few photos to use a bribery during their teenage years. It may make a great profile picture on your Facebook page. There are many "Gobble" shirts for both boys and girls.

Thanksgiving tee shirt for infantsCredit: www.amazon.com

If dressing your baby in a turkey costume is not your style, there are a variety of other novelty Thanksgiving clothing options available.

Thaksgiving bibs for babiesCredit: www.amazon.com

And if thematic dressing is not your taste, then you can get into the holiday theme with a Thanksgiving bib.

Novelty Thanksgiving Clothes-Dresses for Girls

Credit: www.amazon.com

There is nothing as sweet as a little girl all dressed up for a special occasion. These dresses will have your little angel looking very  chic.


These novelty Thanksgiving hats are sure to be a hit with anyone who has a sense of humor.

Turkey Hat for ThanksgivingCredit: www.amazon.com

I dare anyone not to smile at the guest who wears this turkey on his head! I bet the kids will argue over whose turn it is to wear it.

Thanksgiving drumstsick hatCredit: www.amazon.com

Another novelty hat option is the drumstick hat. You can’t eat it, but it will sure make everyone laugh!


Turkey hat for kidsCredit: www.amazon.com

Babies will look adorable with this hat on their little heads.

Drumstick headbandCredit: www.amazon.com

Not into hats?  The wear this drumstick headband is good for giggles.

Hawaiian Shirts and Tee Shirts

A Hawaiian shirt is the perfect fit for men who want to indulge in more calories than they should. It hides a multitude of sins!

Thanksgiving tee shirtCredit: wwww.amazon.com

There are also many different tee shirts for men featuring turkeys.

Turkey Apron

Whimsical Thanksgiving ApronCredit: www.amazon.com

Whether you are grilling your turkey or roasting it, the cook will look sublime in this silly looking apron.

Clothes for Dogs

Thanksgiving clothes for dogsCredit: www.amazon.com

There is no reason why Spot and Fluffy cannot get dressed for the holiday! This doggie costume will look adorable on your favorite canine.

These novelty Thanksgiving clothes that you can wear to your family feast will liven up your reunion.

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