Who wants a boring wedding cake? Elegant florals and delicate decorations are so last millennium. Here are some ideas for fun and whimsical novelty cakes for your modern or theme wedding. These aren't your grandma's wedding cakes!

1. Video game theme

Some of the most popular novelty cakes of the past five years have been based on video games. Level-based games like Super Mario Brothers lend themselves to having different levels on each tier, and The Legend of Zelda has lots of adorable characters that can decorate your cake.

First-person shooters and Grand Theft Auto are a bit too intense to create a romantic atmosphere for a wedding, but who knows? Maybe he "stole" her heart, or she had him "in her sights". Try not to get too violent though.

World of Warcraft and Sims fans could have their avatars made especially into cake toppers, and the fondant or painted decorations on the tiers could tell the virtual story of how they met for a whimsical but romantic effect.

2. Vampire theme

You probably can't get further away from the traditional white and frilly wedding cake than having a dark and brooding vampire theme. And with the popularity of "Twilight" and shows like "True Blood", vampires are sexier than ever. Some possibilities for a vampire-themed cake include vampire characters from popular culture, a simple cake with vampire-related items decorating it (crosses, coffins, etc), deep red or black coloring and rich, sophisticated textures on the tiers, and vampire cake toppers (Edward and Bella will probably be popular choices).

3. Cake disaster

Topsy-turvy cakes have been popular the past couple of years, but are slowly falling out of fashion. Why not have a comical cake that has completely toppled? A talented baker would be able to construct a cake that looks like a regular, beautifully decorated wedding cake that has fallen completely upside-down, yet is actually completely intact.

4. Cupcakes

Large traditional cakes can be beautiful, but cupcakes are so much more versatile, and are incredibly popular right now. There might be no better way to show your guests that this is a hip, modern wedding than to have cupcakes! Each cupcake can be decorated differently, so there isn't a need to even stick to one theme, and the cupcakes can even be customized to each guest for a beautiful personalized touch. There are many elegant choices for displaying the cupcakes, such as cupcake trees. And you save your catering staff a round of washing dishes, which is nice.

5. Location cake

Why not have a cake based on the city where you both met, or where your sweetheart grew up, or even the house you share? If there is a place that is special to the both of you, a talented decorator could come up with a replica of the place, or could decorate a tiered cake in that theme. If you live in an especially photogenic city, like San Francisco or New York, there will be lots of landmarks to choose from in decorating your cake, and you know it will come out beautifully.