Infobarrel Earnings Report

Plus Other Online Sources of Income

I've been MIA on InfoBarrel since June when work and online work collided, creating burn out for me.  While I haven't been writing new articles on InfoBarrel during November, I have been tweaking my article inventory here, especially when I saw an inexplicable increase of Adsense revenue.  For most of 2012, my articles were earning about $7 per month.  Before during and after burn out, the amount my articles stayed mostly the same so that was always comforting to go weeks without checking and then finding out that my work kept its value. Whether because of recent Google updates or InfoBarrel changes, during the month of November, I saw a 50%+ increase in Adsense income.  I sat up and took notice.

Then, in October, when my husband was sitting next to me, I logged into my Amazon affiliates account to find that I'd earned over $24 in commissions since July 1st--by doing nothing!  The articles I'd written before then had done all of the work.  That was when my husband finally took notice.

What I Did in November

When I became active again on InfoBarrel, I noticed that some IBers were having great success with building Squidoo lenses and Amazon sales.  This has been one of my main areas of concentration this month--getting up to speed on how to build lenses on Squidoo.  As of this writing, I only have three lenses published but I'm learning a lot about how to build lenses and its starting to get fun!

One tool I've been experimenting with, based on rave reviews in the IB forums and in another forum I go to, is Jaaxy which is a website where you can do your keyword research prior to writing articles.  I'd been using Market Samurai and the Google Adwords tool to find niches to write about that weren't too competitive.  But it was a long process and I didn't enjoy it. I tried the Jaaxy trial for the first thirty searches and I was hooked! Jaaxy is easy to use and, because of its ease, I'm able to find topics to write about faster than ever before.  Further Jaaxy pulls its search data from Bing, Yahoo and Google (nice way to get out from under The Google for search traffic) and can show you the competition you have for the keyword phrase on other content sites.

Something I've been using to help myself financially to reach some personal goals has been Swagbucks.  Swagbucks is not a site for passive income.  Right now it is probably the best known rewards program for web searches, shopping and surveys.  I discovered that if I checked into the Swagbucks Facebook page periodically every day to see what other swag peeps were doing with the site, I had access to many ideas for getting Swagbucks and thus converting them to gift cards and Paypal cash.  Prior to October, I was earning enough Swagbucks to get $25 in Amazon gift cards every month.  During October and November, I earned $125 (spread across Amazon and iTunes giftcards and Paypal) per month.  I've been using that money to reinvest (either in physical goods or otherwise) in online passive streams of income.  Completing surveys, searches and shopping through the site can take a bit of time but I like the idea of funneling this revenue source into passive income online so I will probably continue.

Another new option for earning online has been posting on Bubblews.  Because I'm not sure how long the site will last, I certainly don't consider the work I'm posting there to be "evergreen" but it is a useful way to create some backlinks for my InfoBarrel article library and will generate some income now that I can use in my online income efforts.

Passive Income 101: a story of paying for college without selling your soul
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Grand Total

Drumroll, Please

Swagbucks: 125.00

Adsense: 12.99

Bubblews: 18.41

Amazon: .64

Chitika: .07

Total: $157.11

A Little Resource Guide to Making Money Online
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(price as of Aug 1, 2015)

Plans for December

Besides this being one of the busiest times at my "real job" as well as personally with the holidays, etc, I'd like to continue to grow my online earnings.  Some ways I'll be doing it during December (you know, in and around the holidays and stuff):

* Keep writing for Bubblews. I'd like to backlink all of my IB articles over there.  Only 90+ posts to go!

* Continue to learn and build lenses at Squidoo.  I hope to build at least ten new lenses during the month of December.  More than that would rock even more!

* Meet the increased revenue share maximum here at InfoBarrel.  I've been working on articles over here for the first time in months and I can't wait to unleash them lol.

* Add Amazon modules to the articles with content that can be matched to Amazon products.  Like many other InfoBarrel writers, I'm excited to see what happens with the new options for Amazon in the IB editor.  I love that the IB admins are open to writers' suggestions and requests.  As in the past, this makes InfoBarrel a great place to write!

* Involve my husband in my passive online income efforts.  To say he was amazed by the Amazon sales is an understatement.  He has been asking me more about writing online.  There are a few tasks I can "outsource" to him on the nights he relaxes in front of the History channel.  I've always wanted us to have a hobby we can share but his idea for that was scuba diving (which I tried) and my idea was ballroom dancing (which he didn't).  I've asked him and he thinks making money online might work for the both of us. Whaddya know.

I love that I could just leave the stuff I've published here and return to it when I'm ready.  Oh, I'm ready and it seems fitting to add to my online work and explore potentially new streams of income online all the way into and through 2013.