Have you heard about the Novi Stars yet? If you have yet to experience this new world of dolls and all of there adventures, you are in for quite a surprise. This new line of dolls for just released in August 2012 and has really become a homerun when it comes to top selling toys.


These toys are alien girls and their pets that have come to Earth to live and grow. They have many great adventures that you can read about on their blog.  The full selection of Novi Stars toys is in stock at Amazon now for those that have to have these adorable darlings.

Novi Stars Dolls Alie Lectric
Credit: Amazon

Who are the Novi Stars?

Alie Lectric


The first member of the Novi Stars group that you need to know is Alie Lectric. She is the brainy one of the group and tends to be the leader on many of their adventures. This is usually because of her organized nature.


Her electric personality leads her to blush in many different colors. This is especially true when she gets around Earth boys. Her fashion sense is on the preppy side. You can always find Alie Lectric hanging out with her pet Hi-Def.


Ari Roma Novi Star


This Novi Star is scented just like bubble gum. She is super sweet like her smell. While she is on Earth, she has one simple goal. She wants to kiss an Earth boy. Her look is very light and airy.


One thing that you will notice right away about Ari Roma is her bubble to help her to breathe. She is unable to breathe the air on Earth but she is working to be able to do this. Her pet is called O2.


Mae Tallick


This 13.7 billion year old alien girl is shiny just like her personality. She has this amazing capability to talk in a robotic voice. This leads many to think that she is a robot which she is not. She wants to become a huge pop star while on Earth. Her pet 8-Bit will be right by her side no matter where her adventures take her.


Una Verse Doll


Una Verse is the member of Novi Stars that seems to be all glittery. This is because she is filled with glitter and water. This makes for a sparkling appearance. This tends to leave her floating around much of the time. Una finds it difficult to keep her feet on the ground.


Nita Light


This Novi Stars doll is fully transparent. Her head glows as she goes through her day as a fashion designer. She wants to help to put her new Earth friends in all of her latest fashions.


Novi Stars Dolls and Other Merchandise


There are many great toys that you can purchase from this line to help to recreate the many adventures of these space aged girls. You can get the dolls that all come with their special pets from outer space. There are also fashion packs that you can use to change the fantastic outfits that they are wearing. Last but not least of the Novi Stars merchandise that you will want to check out is the Pet pods This little pods have all sorts of new pets for the girls to have. So make sure to check out the amazing items that you can get with the Novi Stars.