The Nuwave Oven is an infrared oven that is supposed to be the exciting new way to cook food quickly and easily. One of it's biggets selling points is the ability to cook food that is frozen. I purchased my Nuwave Oven a few years ago after seeing a late night infomercial. I decided to purchase the oven through Amazon so if it did't work as advertised I could easily return it and know I would get my money back. After two years of using the Nuwave Oven, I feel qualifed in creating an honest review based on personal experience.

The Nuwave Oven I ordered came with electronic controls, two cooking racks, a baking pan, and an extender ring. The extender ring allows you to cook bigger meals such as whole chickens and small Nuwave Oventurkeys, etc. I wasn't sure what to expect because I don't generally believe what I see on informercials. My first meal in the Nuwave Oven was salmon. I really enjoy salmon, but found cooking it in a regular oven seemed to dry it out too much. If I didn't cook it long enough, it seemed too undercooked for my tastes. So, I put the salmon in Nuwave on a stainless steel pan and placed it on the 4 inch rack. I seasoned the salmon and set the time according to the manual that came with the nuwave. When it was finished, I tried the salmon, and had to admit it was more moist even though it was well cooked. I have tried numerous meals over the years, and while sometime I had to adjust the cooking times, I have always found the Nuwave to perform well. I recently used it as a dehydrator to make beef jerky, and it did the job perfectly in about an hour.

The Nuwave Oven has been a great appliance to me, and it saves time because I can set the timer and leave it alone. It does a great job of keeping food moist and I admit that it cooks a pretty good steak even if the steak is frozen. While it may not be ideal for a large family, for one or two people, it can really be helpful in meal preparation. It can also save you money because you can buy meat on sale and freeze it in small portions to be used in the Nuwave right from the freezer. The unit costs around $150, and is available with different accessories. I have been very happy with mine, and wanted to write a review of the Nuwave Oven to share my experience with those who may be considering purchasing one.