Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms


The pros for this product are numerous. We would build like this again in a heartbeat!

There is no insulation to install in the walls as the walls are like a foam sandwich. 2.5 inches of foam on the inner wall and the same on the outer wall with six inches reinforced concrete taking up the middle

You can stack these yourself.

No vapor barrier required

Wall ready to drywall

almost zero air infiltration apart from window and door openings

lower heating bills and running costs

no mould growth

Nice deep windowsills (I really liked that part and so does our cat!)

Very few trees died for our house, as we also installed steel floors. The only wood was for the flooring and the roof.

It is advertised as a "green building product" as the webs in the blocks are 100% recycled materials. The material for the foam is 100% recyclable. It does not emit CFC or VOC's.

It is a very sound proof home.

Very little waste

You entire house will be shipped flat on a truck.



harder to run electrical wires and services etc. You have to form grooves in the wall for the wiring etc. Our electrician used a router to form grooves.

In these Forms there are strips that are designed for the screws etc from drywall. The drywall installer has to find them and they are every 8 inches. So, with the product being fairly new in our area 8 years ago, our drywall installer had to get used to this.

You have to finish your basement wall. This is good if you want to get your basement finished quickly. But the foam wall is not to be left exposed, it must be covered with drywall as per fire regulations (this was true of our township).

Make sure your furnace people and any ventilation systems realize what your house is built from as they need to put forms through this product for their services to leave an opening before the concrete is poured.

Our service guys were not familiar with this product and kept insisting they would drill their holes after the basement walls were built. We told them over and over what type of construction this was. But I think in their minds they thought it was cinder block which can take a drill quite easily.

They ended up having to foot the bill for a concrete boring company to come in a drill the holes for them! This shows you just how strong these walls are.

Full Review

Building with Nudura was a very positive experience for us.

We had built our own house before using wood, and did have to hire a framer to help out. This time we wanted to be more environmentally friendly, save a few trees and try this newer product.

We built our house using Insulated Forms eight years ago, (2002) when it was not as popular as it is now (at least in our township!). So the one drawback for us was getting our building permit as the town officials scanned our drawing that was designed to be built with this system.

Now they zip through, but eight short years ago, it was a little harder sell to an area of framed houses and traditional builders. But saying that, the best part about this system is that you can do it yourself. They are shipped to you flat on a truck. I remember thinking our entire 1900 square foot house was lying on the flat bed of a truck trailer!

My husband had taken a quick one day course on the benefits and using this product and was hooked, they also have a good informative video. He loved the idea that he could do this, which meant "all of us helping". With two strong teenagers at the time, this went well.

Once the foundation was in, we started building with these blocks. They reminded me of lego bricks, but larger. They clipped together, and then you had to allow for openings and doors etc. So they had to be supported across the top of the opening.

You then put rebar into these bricks to help strengthen it. We called in a contractor who used Nudura products just to consult with and make sure we were doing it right, before we got the concrete trucks in to pour the walls. The company does have good support for questions.

Some people only use this in the basement, while we went right to the rafters with it. This house is not going anywhere!.

In Closing

This is a great building product, and since we built 8 years ago, we have had no problems, we have withstood some nasty storms without a problem. We finished ours with stucco, as it already has foam insulation on the outside it was a natural way to go, but you can use siding or brick. Do consider this if you are wanting to build your own home.

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