Numark NS7 DJ Turntable ControllerThe Numark NS7 DJ Turntable Controller is a combination of metallic chassis that allow for torque adjustments. The turntable platters are aluminum with vinyl and have a motorized design. Thank to a collaborative effort with Serato all of this is combined with a pro quality audio interface that is designed to be a total performance solution that is sure to please even the most demanding DJ. This unit has high quality buttons, knobs, and faders as well as an innovative all-new Strip Search virtual needle drop control. All of this is flawlessly integrated with the Serato ITCH software that is included. The Numark NS7 DJ Turntable controller is capable of providing perfect hands on control of each facet of the Serato Itch software. It is able to transmit digital information to the included software at rate that is higher than ten times quicker than that of standard MIDI.

Because of the simple fact that this piece of Numark DJ equipment was created specifically for the Serato ITCH softawre, the time it takes to set up the NS7 is negligible. It is merely plug in and play with no tweaks or mapping required. With it's dual turntables, the Numark NS7 Turntable controller sports a sleek design that is highly recognizable. The pro level appearance of the overall design is also backed up by its rugged durability and performance.

The whole of the unit is encased in a heavy, metal housing that is built to withstand the rigors of being on the road. The Numark NS7 is outfitted with two seven inch turntables that possess high amounts of torque and are also fully motorized for an authentic feel. They are also fully adjustable so that you can fully gauge the torque to your liking.

Also included in the turntable design are genuine seven inch vinyls with forty-five rpm adapters seated on actual slipmats. The real deal. The interface has an unmistakable professional level feel and look with it's rubber buttons, knobs and fully replaceable CP-PRO crossfader and D-TYPE line faders. The crossfader performance is exactly what you would expect from pro-level audio equipment. Another great thing is that the D-Type line faders can also be easily replaced. The crossfader's design allows for easy customization of its functioning. There is absolutely no need to rely on your keyboard and mouse using this sleek interface. Thanks to the simplicity of its design, the NS7 makes it amazingly simple to navigate through your song collecting.

There will be less time wasted gawking at your computer screen and more time focusing on your performance because of all of the visible cues and indicators provided by the NS7's one-hundred plus LEDs and over one hundred controls. All that is required to connect to your CPU, be it Windows PC or Mac is a solitary USB cable. Thanks to its built-in audio outs, the NS7 is all you will require to hook up to powered speakers or a public address system.

With both XLR and RCA output jacks, it is capable of transmitting twenty-four bit, forty-four point one audio to the sound system. In the front of the unit is a microphone input as well as a RCA line-in jack and both phono and mini-phono audio outputs and volume controls for headphones. There is also the option of safely and securely mounting a laptop to the NS7 thanks to the included integrated laptop mount. It enables you to use an extra small space thanks to the fact that the laptop is actually elevated above the table.

Because the information communicated between the unit and computer is more than ten times faster than standard MIDI, this allows for extremely high-precision as well as ultra low-latency. Dropping the needle on the record is the easiest way to locate a point within any given song and thanks to the Strip Search feature, you can simulate this technique with a virtual needle drop which allows you to instantaneously find any point within a track by utilizing an on-screen waveform.

These marker points can then be recalled in both ITCH and Scratch LIVE.Scratch LIVE cue points are also loadable within ITCH. Both decks have extensive selections of Serato style loops. You also have the option of choosing between manual and auto loop functions as well as BPM analyzer that can give additional help to loop makers. There is also a great deal of flexibility when it comes to building automatic smart loops. Included are useful features such as: Shifting, Halving, Doubling, and of course manual controls as well. Perhaps one of the best features of the NS7 is its plethora of audio inputs and outputs. This allows for a great deal of freedom when it comes to how you choose to process you sound.

The post-mix analog audio output jack possesses high definition quality that sports a minimized circuit path including just 1 audiophile quality bipolar capacitor. Thanks to this design, phase coherence is maximized which ensures tight and punchy audio. You will swiftly familiarize yourself with Serato ITCH if you use Scratch Live. Thanks to the fact that Itch does not need a timecode interface all you will likely need is NS7 and your PC. Because ITCH removes the need for timecode, there is absolutely no stressing over things like needles skipping or vinyl deteriorating. Scratch Live presets, crates, cue points, and loops can be seamlessly loaded within ITCH. This unit is also compatible with most of the other DJ softwares that are available and also iTunes.

ITCH is capable of handling all audio processing and mixing through utilizing the power of your computer's on-board processor. ITCH also has a record keeping function that tracks each track played and is capable of exporting your sessions from the history in m3u, csv, and txt formats. There is also a Loop Roll function in ITCH that creates a looping effect where the playhead will jump back to normal when the loop is released. There is also built-in key support which allows ITCH to read key tags from MP3s so that it can display them in the appropriate column within the music library. Numark collaborated with Serato to create the DJ mixing wonder that is the NS7. Now it is available to allow any turntable enthusiast young or old, experienced or beginner realize their wildest mixing, scratching, and DJing dreams.