The verdict is in: it's now known that eating "three squares a day" can actually do more harm than good. Study after study has shown that eating smaller meals throughout the day, usually between five and six, will result in less weight gain than the traditional three large meals a day, that is the number 1 weight loss tip you need to remember.

Another interesting fact that may or may not be news to you is that eating a decent breakfast every day can also help with weight loss.

People used to think that they could skip one meal and eat more later in the day. This was a common approach when someone knew they had some party or other social event to go to. They would just skip lunch, breakfast, or both and allow themselves to eat more at dinner or at the party.

There are actually a few problems with this strategy, besides the fact that it doesn't work. For one thing, when you skip meals your body thinks it is starving so it shuts down as much as possible to reserve resources. What that means is that your metabolism actually slows way down instead of speeding up. That is the exact opposite of what you really want to happen.

Another problem with skipping a meal or two is that you become overly hungry so the next time you eat you eat way too much. If you take in too many calories all at once your body becomes overwhelmed and can't process it all. When that happens a lot of it gets stored as fat.

Think of a funnel, if you try to pour too much into it too fast it will overflow.

To make sure you stay on the right track, think of your body as a coal burning furnace. You've probably seen movies or pictures of the guys shoveling coal into some furnace to keep it burning hot. Well, the same applies for your body except instead of coal you are ingesting quality food.

When your "furnace" is burning hot your body will burn through more calories. This doesn't just happen while you are working out either, it will happen all the time no matter what else you are doing. Yep, even when you are eating your body will be burning more calories if you keep your metabolic "furnace" stocked.

There are many elements that can all work together to help you lose weight and get in better shape. But for me, the most important weight loss tip is to keep our body fed and fueled so it can work the way it's supposed to work.