Outside of Texas, Alabama, and the BCS office nobody gives damn about this game. Alabama should win this game. Texas is way overrated and they should not of even been in this game. TCU should be playing instead of Texas. TCU would whoop Texas. Instead we get to see Alabama whoop Texas.

They market thiAlabama Fans game as the National Championship. Yeah right. Even the NCAA will not consider the winner the National Champion. If we had a playoff then Texas would not make it to the final championship game. Guaranteed. The BCS also knows this. TheBCS is a bunch of scared money grubbing punks.

The BCS wants to match the number one team against the number two team. OK that did that but then they blew the rest of the BCS bowl match ups.

The vast majority of experts pick Alabama to easily win this game. It may not be a blow out like many people think but Alabama should win this game.

Alabama has played in 57 bowl games and Texas has played football in 49 bowl games. Alabama has historically been the dominant team when playing Texas. As much as I feel Alabama is going to dominate this next game I think Texas has a great chance.

Everyone knows the college football season is always chocked full of surprises. With everyone picking Alabama to win I will go with Texas. I am also grateful to Texas for guaranteeing Boise a BCS bowl.

My prediction is a close game that is finally won by Texas. I know that Alabam is a lot better team but I am predicting the last surprise of the college football season will be that Texas beats Alabama in the national Title game.

Image Credit: (Flickr/j_gresham)