Numerology decisions

Prime numbers

Numerology calculation has been around a long time and is still practiced today by varying degrees depending upon how you want to live your life. Throwing a die to decide on life’s major choices is not such a good idea. A book was written on the subject where you always had 6 choices depending on the fall of the die. It is a not very precise process to strengthen your life and if your life is ruled by a die it is an indication that you need help. On the other hand, numerology can be based around the time, date and year you were born and many people believe in lucky numbers, like 7, and avoid unlucky ones like 13. The two numbers have another connection in that they are prime numbers. But there is a far more mathematical approach to numerology and astrology than meets the eye at first. Numerology calculation is a special technique that has existed since time began and man could count and be governed by quantity. Experts are very precise people, as one would expect with anything math related and the thread of numerology run deep in present day society with its huge technology base.

Numerology calculator

Your numerology name

 A Numerology reading from just your name alone is a simple task as is the totting up of the numbers in order to get your name number which is unique to your name. Your numerology name will become a part of a larger personality chart.
This is how you achieve it:Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number between 1 and 9 starting at A, which is 1 and when 9 (letter = I) is reached start at 1 again for J and so on. The full alphabet is below:

1 - A J S

Psychic Numbers

2 - B K T

3 - C L U

4 - D M V

5 - E N W

6 – F O X

7 - G P Y

8 – H Q Z

9 – I R

Write down your name and substitute a number for each individual letter of your name. Now add all the numbers together. If the answer is in double digits then add those also until you get a single number.Example:John = 1, 6, 8, 5 = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2Therefore John = 2 which is the Ruling number for the name John.

This number describes your name, which is a symbol of who you are and is inseparable from you, the owner of the name in question. Analysis of the number and its vitality will show your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and so forth. Changing your name will likely change your name ruling number.

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Numerology and Dreams

Dream numbers

Dream numbers are different than Numerology numbers and can lead to confusion regarding which number is the legitimate one to use for your name. It is possible to get yet more numbers from other studies connected with numerology, depending upon the sphere of reference. So, for example, with the numerology table above you can have one number from your numerology reading and then below a completely different number from your dream reading despite using the same name for both computations.

Dream alphabet
5 - A J S

4 - B K T

3 - C L U

2 - D M V

1 - E N W

9 – F O X

8 - G P Y

7 – H Q Z

6 – I R

Using the same name as in the example above i.e. John the computation goes as follows.
Example:John = 5, 9, 7, 1 = 22 = 2 + 2 = 4
Therefore John = 4 which is the Dream number for the name John.
The problem now is that ‘John’ has 2 numbers which are 2 and 4 and both are derived from his name.

Numerology Destiny

Prime Numerology

Some people just choose a number that they like and perhaps call it their lucky number or destiny number. Prime numbers are particularly popular and many sportsmen will insist on wearing (owning) a shirt number that is a prime. A famous professional footballer when he joined Real Madrid (popular Spanish soccer club) insisted on wearing the number 23 shirt which is, of course, a prime number. Real Madrid’s marketing department was also involved as replica shirts sell in their millions so this number consideration was a serious one. Two other prime numbers of significance (mentioned earlier) are 7 and 13 which are considered lucky and unlucky respectively.

Numerology 11

Life Path 11

What is it that makes this prime number (11) so important? It is considered a good sign if your personality chart reveals the number 11. It can be conceived from the above numerology calculators that a result of your name ending in 11 would mean that the number could be simply 2, as in 1 + 1 = 2. It seems that both the 2 and the 11 will have significance on your life path as your name number is only a small factor in determining your destiny. A professional astrologer might have some success combining planetary influences with these life path numbers. The numbers associated with an individual’s psyche may have little to do with practical calculations and may be more aligned to psychic phenomena. 

Number 11 numerology

Numerology prime one one

 Numerologists consider the double 11 to have significance, especially when used to display time as 11:11. The time is said to possess a mystical power but it seems to be no more important than 10.01 or other times than have palindromic properties. A similar type or reasoning is used in Tarot readings when the card number 11 is also considered to be special. The double 1 is said to represent two sides of an argument. There may be something in this tarot reasoning because the tarot card XI (11) represents Justice and the image used on the card always contains scales of Justice.

If you do decide that financial numerology or marriage numerology is for you then you will have an unlimited opportunity to experiment with numbers throughout your life. There are ruling numbers, life numbers, personality numbers and much, much more besides if you wish to place your faith in numerology patterns.

Making the numbers add up

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