Numerology Meanings: The Lunar Numeral 2Credit: Dave DeHetre a.k.a Davedehetre (cc)Credit: Dave DeHetre a.k.a Davedehetre (cc)

The Lunar Vibration

The moon symbolizes the mother in planetary sciences. In the numerological system of the Chaldeans, it holds sway over the letters b, k, and r. It's influence reaches also to the number 2 and directly influences its numerology meaning.

The ancient totem associated with the moon's zodiac sign is the scarab, a creature that could make a home for itself from within itself, a born recycler, and a being associated with the natural candy sweetness of the date. The Lunar vibration is one of receptivity, containing force, and nourishment. It can act as a fierce domestic protector and teaches lessons associated with paying close attention to detail, harmonizing with others, and ensuring there are enough resources for one's quality of life. It can influence excellent memory retention and quality service in work matters.

The 2's numerology meaning is closely tied with its receptive and nourishing energy as associated with the water element. The water element is associated with the water we need to survive, our internal world, and the very plasma that courses through us feeding our cells. Water means to flow. A challenge associated with water is that it can assume any shape that it takes, which symbolizes potential issues with identity if an individual under this vibration isn't careful. Water is also thriving when it can flow. Water that sits can collect pollution and stagnate.


The Numeral 2

As a name number: considered the destiny number, the name number effects the sorts of concerns that occupy the mental forces and the style of expression a person utilizes to forge their own destiny path. Unlike the life path numerology meanings, the destiny numbers are not fated. The name number can be changed.

2 as a name number influences an individual to seek closeness with others. This doesn't suggest they are easy to know - name number twos have shells they'll retreat into if they feel emotionally unsafe - but they do love company. The lens (perspective) that vibrates to the 2 vibration is naturally concerned with the well-being of others. The water element here causes these people to connect with others from an emotional place, making their initimate affairs potentially more serious than that of someone influenced by the air element. Two's have to take care to avoid placing demands or manipulative strain on emotional connections, however, and focus on loving without strings attached. An emphasis should be placed on the harmonious aspects of their yin force.

As a compound number, the 2 is seen as the master number 11, and the 20, 38, 47, 56, 65, and onward to all digits that create a two when they're aded together to a single digit sum. A compound number's first digit is its projective force and the second is its receptive force. In a number that equals 2, the second digit will have increased relevance. A person whose name number is a 38, for instance, would have have some difficulty expressing their emotional needs (8), but would project a gregarious and carefree nature (3).


As a day number: A number of drive and motivation, the numerology meanings associated with the day number 2 indicate a born nurturer. This person will love companions, children, pets, and place primary focus on them. A 2 person who is balanced will ensure that home base is comfortable and secure. Work will receive the attention it deserves, and the extra touches that make an office comfortable will likely find themselves added in by someone strongly influenced by the numeral 2.


As a life path number: Acting as a development course of sorts, the life path number brings out the qualities that a person needs to balance or develop. It's not always easy, but it can bring out seriously fantastic qualities through the direct understanding that comes of experiences which foster expansion. For the life path 2, the individual learns how to become more harmonious, nurturing, considerate of the feelings of others, and receptive. These qualities may not be lauded as the most desirable, but the fact is, without them the ego would have run rampant over the earth to the point of complete destruction long ago. The force of the 2 is vital to self-awareness as it relates to caring for other individuals who are also individual beings. A 2 lifepath may point to someone who needs to learn to become receptive and comfortable in their water element.