Numerology Meanings
Credit: Dave DeHetre/davedehetre (cc)

The Solar Vibration

The sun symbolizes the lifeforce. In Chaldean numerology (a system considered to be the most accurate for numerology meanings and placements), it influences the letters a,i, j, and y. It also holds a vibrational governing over the number 1.

Associated with the totem of the lion, the solar vibration is that of energy and projection. It affects self-expression and how one best shines light upon the world. That light is of the fire the sustains life, encourages growth, provides warmth, and, in this age, green energy. The challenge that comes with being influenced by a fire vibration is that one must learn to control their impulses, expression of anger, self-centered impulses, and power issues in need of balance.


The Number 1

As a name number:

The destiny (something created by thoughts and electromagnetic configurations of the primary perspective) is impacted by the sum total of a name. When the number 1 is that total sum, the personality sees the world through a dignified lens. There is a natural self assurance underlying the expression and a tendency to “rule” over others if the name-bearer isn't aware of the importance of respecting others' “right to be.”

In compound configurations, numerology meanings of the 1 can be interpreted in the 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, and up from there (it's unusual in western society to find a name long enough to create numbers in higher digits than those, but you will find it in the East). The first digit in a compound number represents how one projects their energy. It is also indicative of the foundation of the energy signature. The second digit represents how one receives.

The sum total will always be 1 when the name is reduced to the single sum (in the tradition of numerological assessing), but the compound influence lends information about the deeper aspects of the name experience. A 28, for instance, can create a person who is nurturing but receives hard knocks in return until they learn to act with more wisdom and eventually forge self-reliance (1). A 37 might have very big ambitions but will likely have to combat a tendency toward emotional introversion and potential victimization issues.


As a day number:

The day number ties into motivation and drive. If the day number is a 1, grandiose matters can be inspirational to the individual. There is likely a tendency to act with habit and a desire for familiarity. Flattery is appreciated by the 1, just as it's savored by the Leo natives born under the same planetary influence. An individual with the 1 day number will be most comfortable in positions of leadership. They may have talents in speculation and are likely excellent showpersons. 1 people need to be as the sun in their circles.


As a life path number:

The lifepath number often clues into where the individual is learning a life lesson or, if you believe in reincarnation, repeating an earth class. In this position, the sun vibration will create conditions that help the individual develop a stronger sense of self-projection, self-expression, and in essence teach them to shine their light.


The numerology meanings for the various positions of the number 1 don't stop there. There are more configurations to cover surrounding the digit symbolizing the force of our life-sustaining celestial body: The Sun. If this series covers them in the future, a link or additional info will be added to this descrition.