The first time I saw an owl nursery was on Pinterest, and it wasn't my favorite. I thought that it looked tacky. However, as it's become on of the more prevalent themes I have really started to like it. It works well with white walls. It's happy. It uses unexpected color palettes. Plus, it is gender neutral.

Nursery decorating ideas can bring in more retro themes. This can use more neutral colors as well for an unexpected touch. Here are a few craft projects and shopping tips that you should be on the lookout for. Even if you have budget limitations or you just live in an apartment you can still get your dream baby room.

Owl Crib Mobile

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Neutralize Your Room

The nurseries that use this theme that I haven't liked have had an owl on everything. I like some neutral solid prints for balance. If you shop at stores like Pottery Barn Kids or Ballard Designs then there are plenty of neutral rug options. This could even have a subtle French inspired air to it with lots of cursive writing. This will really mimic a lot of what is going on in the living room interior design world. It will be a little bit more expensive but you can also use it in different spaces when your child grows up.

Go With a Mod Look for Your Artwork

You can also find interesting ways to do some nursery design trends. This is going to use a lot of wall collages. This could be a way that you could cut up nursery rhymes out of books and use this as a chic and easy wall mural. You could also play around with the popular idea of using word art. You could frame out individual letters of the alphabet. You could also mix in patterned papers along with your kid’s names to change up this popular motif. Sure, it might not use an owl but all the bright colors will work with those few animal inspired pieces.

Owl Wall Decals

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Owl Wall Decals

Wall murals can be some of the more intricate nursery decorating ideas but you can find ways to simplify it so you can do this yourself. This motif is readily availble in a decal; just keep it out of your child's reach. It won't be a floor to ceiling mural, but when you're sick of the owl theme you can just go back to plain white walls.

There are lots of ways to make sure that you get a unique twist on basic themes. This could be a owl inspired look instead of just a cheesy flower theme. You can get large owl decals. Then you might want to look for a matching mobile. This is going to be one of the few baby nursery decorating ideas that is also going to be neutral enough to work for a boy or a girl.

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Use a Fun Color Palette

This eliminates the need for larger ideas like wall murals. It's gender neutral and can work for baby boys or girls. A few of these items make a big impact in just a boring room.

You can also look for unusual materials or color palettes to tone down the brighter decor. You could paint half of the wall chocolate brown. Pair it with a rope chandelier. This can be a circular iron version or the traditional iron chandelier that has been wrapped in rope. Trendier designs are going to use rope pendant shades, although there will usually be glass underneath it so it holds its shape.

I also like natural elements with real wood tones to play off the subtle motif. A rocking chair is a must but you can break out from the basic glider. Look for a wood retro inspired piece. You could also look for leather rocking chairs. This could be a mission slat style or more of a tufted vintage design. You won't need a patterned fabric. More modern versions will just use stretched leather instead of a lot of padding. This is going to be a much more elegant way to do a rustic nursery that will even work for girls. You don't even need cutesy wallpaper.