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So, the moment you register for a baby shower, no matter where it is, they give you a list of "nursery necessities". If you are a first time mom you might go along with these lists and buy everything on them believing they truly are necessary to your baby's comfort and survival. I have found over the past few months that this is far from the truth. Babies were born since cave man days and those mothers did not have wipe warmers or bottle sterilizers and those babies survived. Here is a list of items I have found absolutely necessary.

Diaper Genie: Without a doubt, this is the greatest gift I got for my shower in terms of usage. In fact, I got three and had to return two of them. I am not a fan of throwing smelly diapers in the regular garbage. They smell and it seems very unsanitary.

Crib: Baby needs a place to sleep and a crib fits the bill. If you plan on co-sleeping until they fit into a toddler bed, then you just need a co-sleeper. I opted for a crib that conferts into a toddler bed and then a full size so I get more bang for my buck.

Changing Pad and Table: My mother-in-law did not agree with me when I demanded having this. She did not have one and she said we could just use the crib. Well, I am glad I go this. My little one loves to wait until I take her diaper off to finish her business. I probably would have needed a dozen crib sheets had I not gotten this.

Changing Pad Cover: I thought I did not need this at first, but late night diaper changes and a screaming infant who did not like being placed on a freezing cold uncovered pad changed my mind. I suggest getting a very soft one. That way the little one either falls asleep or stays asleep while you change them.

Infant Carseat: For some reason the hospital will not let you leave unless you have an infant carseat. I kid. This is one of the most essential things you will buy. Legally you must have this.

Infant Monitor: If you plan on co-sleeping, this is not a necessity. I did for the first month, but she is now sleeping in her crib. For my own sanity I opted for an Angelcare monitor that monitors noise and movement. It is really cool because the pad that comes with it can tell whether or not she is breathing by movement in the mattress and it alerts me with a very high powered buzzing if she does not move for 20 seconds. They have a video one, but I am the type of person that would stare at it all night and that defeats the purpose of having it.

Car Mirror: Although this is not for the nursery, I felt it needed mentioning. I did not realize I needed this until the first time I drove my car with my little one after she was born. She fell asleep immediately and I freaked out because I could not see or hear her. 

Bourdreaux's Butt Paste: The first week my little one was home she got a horrible diaper rash. I tried everything from Desitin to Shea Butter. Butt Paste is truly a miracle cream.

Glider or other comfy chair: You will appreciate this during those late night/early morning feedings.

Crib Sheets: I bought 6 of these and I really only use 3, but I do laundry every day so it depends on how often you plan on washing clothes.

Dresser: A lot of times you can find a changing table that also doubles as a dresser.

Hangers: Lots and lots of hangers because everyone and their mom are going to buy you baby clothes. 

These items are what I have found I could not live without. What does your list look like?