Vinyl Nursery Wall Stickers and Decals

Nursery wall stickers for girls are an inexpensive and exciting way to decorate your baby girl’s nursery room. Parents are always excited at the birth of a new addition to the family and planning and decorating the nursery is part of the thrill of becoming parents. Decorating your baby nursery is often done during pregnancy as you await your new baby in eager anticipation.  In today’s world, as with everything else, there are limitless choices for developing a nursery theme. Nursery wall stickers are especially useful when you are renting your house because they can be removed very easily.

Peel Off Vinyl Stickers and Wall Decals

Peel off vinyl wall stickers are all the rage, and there is a very wide selection of vinyl wall stickers and decals for nursery decoration available on Amazon and other online sites from Hello Kitty stickers to outerspace themes. Most of the vinyl wall stickers are reusable, which is useful if you have to move houses or switch them around to reposition them. The decals and wall stickers are made of PVC and each sheet measures approximately 20 x 28 inches. They are very easy to fix; simply peel and stick because they are pre-cut. Apart from brightening up the space, there is the added benefit that the wall stickers for nursery will not damage the wall paint when removed.

There is such a wide range of choices when it comes to nursery wall stickers for girls and boys, it is literally mind boggling. Ultimately choices will depend on what the parents feel will be best for the child. Try to imagine what your child will enjoy having around her as she grows up. Let us look at some examples to help overwhelmed moms and dads make the right design choices for decorating a girls baby nursery

Forest Theme Vinyl Wall Stickers

Nursery wall stickers for girls depicting forest scenery or cherry blossom branches is something a girl will love. The stickers can be enhanced by fixed stuffed animals such as bears and monkeys to the scene in strategically placed spots to make the scenery even more interesting. Put up lots of artificial sunflowers and other brightly colored flowers to enhance the scene more.

Princess Theme Wall Stickers

Castles are an excellent choice for your little princess’ nursery; she will believe she’s living in a fairytale wonderland. Fill the room with vibrant colors, bright patterns and imagery that stirs a little girl's imagination. Amazon has some great Disney princess and castle stickers. Get Cinderella’s carriage and other exciting princess and castle themed stickers to decorate a girls baby nursery. You can make it even more interesting by adding swaths of cloth fashioned in swirls and fixed high up on the walls. Choose brightly colored fabrics for this purpose. For a slightly older little girl, decorate the bed with a canopy that is similar to what a princess would have.

Fairlyland Theme Vinyl Wall Decals

Fairies are another fast favorite for a baby girl’s nursery. Team up a fairyland forest with fairy stickers and you will provide the child with a real wonderland of fun. Buy fairy themed bed linen including sheets and pillow covers. Add fairy wings to different parts of the wall and a canopy of gauze to the bed to enhance the effect.

The nursery wall stickers from Amazon generally inexpensive ranging from $10 to $15 a sheet and they have some amazing customer review ratings by customers who have used the stickers. Buy vinyl stickers or mix with other items totalling $25 or more and benefit from the free super saver shipping offer.

Another great thing about using these vinyl decals to decorate a nursery is that the nursery theme is easily changed when your child becomes older and expresses interest in a different theme design.