Nurses for HireWhether your are about to graduate from nursing school or are looking to leave your current job as a nurse to explore better nursing opportunities getting hired by the right hospital or clinic can be tough.

Even with the current nursing shortage, one vacant position may have a few hundred people contending for the position and in the end, it will come down to which nurse is able to sell themselves the best.

They are many tips and techniques that can be used to make you stand out as a nurse but one thing to never forget is to not get discouraged. You will receive a lot of rejection in the process but if you are patient and willing to learn from your mistakes, you will be able to find the perfect nursing job.

The Resume

The typical resume is a 1-2 page long document that contains information about your education, work experience and achievements. Putting yourself in the interviewer's shoes, you can see that if an interviewer has to go through 100 resumes, it can be quite a challenge to make your resume stand out.

Here are a few tips to do just that:

  1. Make sure the font is large enough to read and legible.
  2. Use a heavier type of paper for your resume.
  3. Use a different paper color that is slightly off-white.
  4. Make each resume tailor made for the job you are applying for
  5. Include a picture of your self on the resume.
  6. Don't be afraid to use graphics to make your resume stand out more. Just don't over do it as the graphics are there to help you and not to distract away from the information on the resume.
  7. Choose your references wisely and make sure you contact everyone mentioned in your list of references first.

These are tips to make your resume stand out but you also have to make sure that your resume also includes all of the standard information.

Where to submit your resume

Submit Your ResumeThis is where you should not limit yourself to just one area of the world. Thanks to the internet, you can apply to pretty much any place in the United States so be open-minded and consider moving somewhere else.

Most websites that are looking for nurses to hire have their own philosophy and guidelines to help out nurses looking for jobs. Examine the guideline on each site as they are usually hints as to what an employer is looking for.

Sometimes, doing things the old fashion way can be very promising. I am talking about visiting hospitals and clinics and dropping off your resume to the human resources department. So open the Yellow Pages Directory and start looking around!

If possible, call them ahead of time and try to meet someone that is in charge of hiring. What you are trying to do here is make a good impression on whomever you are handing your resume to.

Don't discount anyone as the personal assistant you give your resume to may have some influence as to who the HR recruiter will call first.


Networking (31902)Networking is a powerful way to find a job in nursing as your classmates may have already found a nursing job and they may be aware of other openings.

Start joining nursing associations and make friends as the more people you can reach out to, the better your odds of landing that job.

The Interview

The only thing to mention about the interview that has not already been said is to be prepared. Try doing some interview test runs with friends, learn about the hospital you are being interviewed for.

If you already know the person who will be interviewing you, Google that person or look them up on Facebook. Try to find out as much as about them as you can. It can help a lot if you can make small talk about interest that person has or clubs or college she/he may have gone to.