The ethics of nursing
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The general accepted code of nursing ethics are described here.

These are internationally accepted nursing ethics.

Nursing is such a noble profession which calls for the highest qualities in women. It demands a well integrated and a mature personality form al its members and requires every nurse to represent nursing in the right professional spirit. The internationally accepted code of nursing ethics as adopted by the Grand Council of International Council of Nurses is here: 

(a) Fundamental Responsibility: 

The fundamental responsiblity of the nurse is classified into three parts:

  (i)  To conserve life

 (ii) To alleviate suffering

(iii) To promote health


(b) Maintaining superior code of conduct.

A nurse ethics says that she should maintain highest standards of nursing care and of professional conduct. 

(c) High level professional knowledge.

A nurse must not only be well prepared to practise but must maintain her knowledge and skill at a consistently high level.

(d)  Respecting to religious belief of a patient.

A nurse, irrespective her code of medical science, she should ready to respect religious belief of a patient. 

(e) Confidence to hold personal information.

Nurses hold in confidence all personal information entrusted to them. A nurse recognises not only the responsibility but the limitations of here or his professional functions; recommends or gives medical tratment without medical orders only in emergencies and reports such action to a physician at the earliest possible moment.   

The nurse is under obligation to carrout the physician's orders intelligently and loally and to refuse to participate in unethical procedures. The nurse sustains confidence in the phsicialn and other ememebrs of the health team; incompetence or unethical conduct of associates should be exposed but only to the proper authority. 

(f) Non involvement in commerical advertisement 

Ethics of nurse says that they should not let their name to be used in connection with the advertisement of products or with any other forms or self-advertisement. The nurse cooperates and maintains harmonious relationship with members of other professions and with her or his nursing colleagues. 

Besides this international code of nursing ethics here are some common ethics that a noble nurse follows during her/his career in nursing.  

A nurse should participate and share responsibility with other citizens and other health professionals in promoting efforts to meet the health needs of the public at local, state , national and international level.

Nursing ethics imply skilful handling of the patient with maximum comfort and safety; and skilful parctice of prcedures ensuring speed and efficiency. Hence, to achieve efficiency  in nursing, a nurse has to gain thorough knowledge of the basic principles of not only all nursing procedures but also its ethics at all times.