Nursing remains to be one of the top contenders for the most popular careers in 2011. Despite the poor economy last September 2009, it was not greatly affected and continued to thrive.

In every health milestone in a person's life, a nurse’s presence is very important. From the birth of a baby to passing of life or to hurdles that illnesses bring, a nurse plays an important role in treating, abating pain and providing support to patients and family members. The lives of Americans are in the hands of 2.6 million registered nurses.

Like doctors, nurses may also choose to specialize. Areas they may choose from include: ambulatory care, Cardiac rehabilitation, nephrology, ophthalmology, forensics, subacute, trauma or reconstructive surgery.

Considered as a high-income profession, a nurse makes annually an average of $63,750. On the upper tier of the profession, some 10% of registered nurses and specialists make an average of $93,000 and the bottom 10% still make a modest $44,000 a year.

These figures are part of the reason why nursing is one of the most sought-after professions of the people. By 2018, the Labor Department of the United States sees a rise of 22% in the job growth and an opening of around 582,000 registered nursing positions.

Daily challenges at work are faced by nurses. They oversee a lot of activities and make sure everything goes smoothly. Their job may seem mechanical because they do things in routine. But it takes heart to become a nurse. To be an effective nurse, a connection with the patient must be formed. The nurse is part of the support system of a patient and helps the latter go through the treatment willingly.

Students usually opt for a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing or an associate’s degree to become qualified as a registered nurse. A BSN takes four years to complete while an AD takes two years or three years maximum to finish. Registered Nurses already in the field suggest that possessing competent skills as a nurse is not enough. A nurse must have human skills to bond with their patients to form a relationship based on trust. A nurse must have passion for their duties and compassion for their patients.