Have you ever taken the time to look around at the nurses in the hospital or clinic you work at or frequent? They are almost all wearing some form of leather white nursing shoe.  White shoes are one of the most popular colors of shoes for nurses because they look so clean.  This helps in a couple different way: it helps a nurse appear sanitary but the color also lets you see when you shoes get dirty.  This can help greatly in staying sanitary even after working on particularly dirty nursing jobs.

Clog nursing shoes are particularly nice for nurses because they are extremely convenient to wear, change into and out of and there are fewer parts of the shoe which can get dirty.  Unlike sneakers clogs don’t have a tongue or laces; they simply have a smooth bridge with few nooks and crannies.  This means that even in the misfortunate even that they get dirty due to fluids or other forms or bacteria they can easily be cleaned.

This is another reason why nurse tend to wear clog nursing shoes, clogs are usually made from either rubber, hard wood, or in many cases leather.  Leather clogs for nurses are probably the most common because they are a more natural walking shoe.  They are soft enough and comfortable enough for nurses to be working on up on their feet all day long.  Likewise they are also just as easy to sanitize as rubber or other non-porous materials.  You can simply wipe them down as opposed to having to fully launder a normal pair of shoes.

Black Clog Nursing ShoesNursing shoe clogs come in many different colors but of course the most common color is white and black.  They are also made by a lot of different brands but one brand in particular is well known for their quality and comfort.  Dansko nursing shoes have been around for many years and they tend to be one of the most popular choices for nursing clogs.  They look great with scrubs and they perform just as a good nursing shoe should.

Like all other products nursing clogs are going to be a bit more expensive than ordinary clogs as they are designed with the profession in mind over the aesthetic appeal.  You can usually find lower quality white nursing shoes or clogs which would work alright nor nurse in the discount shoe stores however many of these shoes would be of a lesser quality and they may not clean quite as well.  They also may not be as comfortable for nurse who are on their feet all day long either.  

Comfort is very important in nursing shoes.  Regular fashionable clogs may be cute or trendy but they are rarely designed to be worn by people walking around all day lonog.  A good nursing clog is actually designed a lot like a walking shoe so they are more comfortable and provide more support to nurses on the go.

On the whole if you are a nurse or are going into nursing then you may want to look into a pair of nursing shoe clogs.  You may have to go to a specialty store to try them on as they may be hard to find in normal shoe stores.  Try your local medical supply retailers and stores which sell scrubs; and for better pries you can always try the specialty online retailers as well as big e-tailers like Amazon.