Browsing my pre-school yearbook, I can always see our dream occupation to be either a doctor or a nurse. I chose the former. 14 years later, I became a registered nurse. Funny isn’t it?

I bet a lot of people when asked if they want to become a nurse, they would always say, “I’m afraid of injections.” Others would say, “I’m afraid of blood” or “I’m afraid of seeing operations for I might puke.” Yes. They are all right. Nursing is a dirty job. 

When a bloody pregnant woman arrives, we cleanse her and make sure she’s comfortable. When a child vomits after taking a bitter syrup for his illness, we help the kid and find another way for him to take the drug without puking. When a psychotic patient spits on you, we cleanse ourselves. 

Is it worth it to become a nurse?

My professors and clinical instructors always say it’s a BIG YES for the win. Besides a high salary abroad, nurses are said to have ADDITIONAL POINTS in HEAVEN because GOD SEES US TAKING CARE OF HIS PEOPLE. The moment they told us about that positive double jeopardy stuff, I became much happier thinking that I am able to help then in the long run, I have a very big chance of going to heaven( If you’re an atheist, it’s ok. Just think about the money you’ll earn).

Moreover, the best part of being a nurse is seeing your patient back at the state of HEALTH again. We nurses believe that the Physician doesn’t heal because he only gives orders. We on the other hand DIRECTLY HEAL through our communication skills, our warm touches, and the medications the doctors are giving. In short we carry out their orders and we implement them directly to our patients. For doctors around, don’t take this seriously though. 

Nursing is indeed a noble job. A simple thank you is enough for us to go on with our careers. If you have the passion for caring for others, the clinical eye plus the brain to see health problems, then NURSING is for you.