Nurture Shoes for Every Season

My Newest Collection of Nurture ShoesCredit: Jeni10

Pamper Your Feet With Nurture Shoes

"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" - diamonds may be some girls' best friends, but for those of us without diamonds, I say Nurture shoes are a girl's best friend. Nurture shoes are wonderful. I own many pairs of this brand, and whenever I am in need, or want, (I am a girl, after all!) of a new style or type of shoe, I look to Nurture shoes.

I am blessed with healthy feet, but one of my friends has chronic foot problems and has since she was a child. I told her about Nurture shoes, and she says they are the most comfortable footwear she has ever worn.

But you do not need to be plagued with foot/feet problems to appreciate the comfort of Nurture shoes. Our feet literally take us everywhere, and they bear the blunt force of each, and every, step we make. Treat your feet right; wear Nurture shoes.

Nurture shoes are not cheap, but they are worth the price. Not only are they comfortable, and healthy for your feet, they are quality made as well. Nurture shoes are sold only at Dillard's Department Store. In fact, they are one of their labels. Since Nurture shoes can be pricey, I always shop for them, and stock up on them, when they are on sale. However, whether you purchase your pair of Nurture shoes on sale or not, if you take care of them, they will take care of your feet for a long time.

I recently caught an excellent sale on Nurture shoes, and I purchased the pairs shown in the picture above. These are the newest members of my collection, and thus the ones I will be reviewing.

Some Easy Storage Options for Your Shoes

Whitmor 6351-1253-JAVA Fashion Color Organizer Collection Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer, Java
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Turn your empty closet doors into the perfect shoe storage center. It's quick and easy with this Whitmor Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer. And this shoe organization product is popular, with an Amazon total rating of 4.5 of 5 Stars.
Hansi Naturals Women's Shoe Storage System 12 Pack Stackable
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I enjoy being able to easily see my shoes, which makes closet organization simple and fun. Like me, other Amazon shoppers like this Bravo-fit Women's Shoe Storage System, giving it 4.4 of 5 Stars.
Whitmor 6175-861 Stackable Closet Shelves, Chrome
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Nothing could be simpler than stacking your shoes, for super easy and fun closet organization. I hope you like these Whitmor Stackable Closet Shelves as much as I do. Amazon Rating - 4.7 of 5 Stars.

When you discover one pair of Nurture shoes you adore, always, always buy two!

High-heeled slides are a favorite during the spring and summer seasons. I am also a fan of red and black. So, when I found these slides, I had to have them.

I spotted the black slides first, and they felt wonderful the moment I slipped my feet into them. I am not someone who needs arch support to be comfortable, but their extra cushioned arch is wonderful. Also, with some heeled slides, I feel like my foot is pushing downwards, out of the shoe. That was not the case with these slides.

I had just returned to the clearance racks, when I uncovered the same slides in red. Red and black … what more could I ask for in colors? Just because both pairs of Nurture shoes were the same size, I did not assume that the red pair would fit as well as the black pair. Every shoe is different; always take a test walk before purchasing.

The red pair fit as well as the black, and I faced a dilemma. Which pair should I buy? Or should I buy both? I already owned several pairs of black slides, but not a pair of Nurture shoes in this style. Also, I wear a lot of black, and tend to wear out my black slides quicker than my other colors. Furthermore, I did not own any red summer slides. Since the price was so good, I decided to buy both pairs of these Nurture shoes.

My rule is simple:  If you find a shoe that is truly comfortable, looks beautiful, is a classic cut, you adore it, and the price is right … well, buy two pairs in different colors. You will not be sorry.

Easily Transform Your Empty Hanging Closet Space Into Shoe Space

Richards Homewares Hanging Ten Shoe Large Shelf Organizer-Canvas/Natural 50" x 14" x 8"
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Extra closet space is the perfect real estate for this Richards Homewares Hanging Ten Shoe Large Shelf Organizer. No more running around before that all-important job interview or that first date, trying to find 'those' favorite shoes of yours. 4.6 of 5 Stars.
Hanging Shoe Organizer 14 Pocket
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Shoe organization doesn't get any easier than the Hanging Shoe Organizer. Hang the organizer, load your shoes, and smile - because your shoes are now neat and convenient. Amazon reviewers give this handy organizer 4.7 of 5 Stars.
Rubbermaid Configurations Custom Closet Jumbo 20-Pocket Shoe Organizer, 3F20
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Rubbermaid manufactures first-class products that deliver, and the same holds true for their 20-Pocket Shoe Organizer. It's an Amazon favorite with 4.4 of 5 Stars.

Blue funky heeled sandals by Nurture shoes.

Sandals and summer - they go together like wine and cheese. The Nurture shoes, in the center of the photo, are heeled sandals in navy blue.

The day of the clearance sale, I was shopping with my mom. She, too, is a fan of Nurture shoes. This particular pair of sandals she picked out for me. When she first handed them to me, I did not really care for them. They were too … too something. Then, I tried them on … WOW! They looked awesome and felt so comfy. There was a funky, young hip quality to these Nurture shoes, which I identified with and could not resist.

Even better, the wedge heels of these Nurture shoes are fabricated with cork. Cork is both kind and soft on the feet as well as being kind and soft on the earth. Cork is a green material. Nothing is better than looking fabulous and being green at the same time.

For Those of Us Who Like Shoes a Little Too Much!

Household Essentials Floor to Ceiling Revolving Shoe Tree Holds 36 Pairs, Chrome
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What can we say, girls? Shoes are comforting. Amazon Rating - 4.3 of 5 Stars.
Whitmor 6060-3510 Chrome Supreme 50 Pair Shoe Rack
Amazon Price: $79.99 $46.44 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 20, 2016)
Now, girls, don't you feel as well stocked in the shoe department as your favorite department store? Amazon Rating - 4.5 of 5 Stars.

Woohoo! Winter is coming, and I already have these new Nurture shoes in my closet, ready to go!

I am crazy about a sale, especially a shoe sale. The black suede, flat mules, shown in the picture, I bought this past spring, on winter clearance. I purchased these Nurture shoes at a deep discount. Even though they were members of last year’s shoe collection, they are classics. No one will ever know the difference. I have stylish Nurture shoes on my feet and extra bucks in my pocket. What a sweet deal!

These mules are ideal for fall and winter. As much as I adore wedge heels, there are times when a girl needs flats. This style will coordinate well with so much in my closet:  jeans, skirts, and dress slacks. Versatility is important when shoe buying, as it stretches the value you get for your dollar.

And there is another reason I seek out mules. I have a problem with any shoe, wedges or flats, which have backs on them; they constantly rub blisters on my heels. I have tried many styles, cuts, and brands, and blisters abound no matter the selection. Therefore, I have ceased and desisted purchasing any shoe with a back on it. Now, I only consider slides, mules, sling-backs, and others with just straps encircling my heel. This may seem extreme, but walking around with Band-Aids crisscrossed on my heels is not my idea of haute couture!

Always shop shoe clearance sales. Stores really want to rid themselves of last season’s merchandise, so you are guaranteed a stellar deal. Even on high-end lines, like Nurture shoes, there are usually ones left on clearance. You can buy, store, and have new Nurture shoes to wear for the next season.

You will always get value with Nurture shoes. Nurtured feet begin with Nurture shoes.

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Make Nurture Shoes your footwear of choice.