An In-Depth Look at the NutriBullet

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The NutriBullet is a nutrient extracting device that turns whole foods into nutritious beverages in under a minute.  It's not a juicer or a blender; it's actually more effective than both of those products.  There isn't any additional pulp that needs to be thrown away, and the drink doesn't come out chunky like it can with most blenders.  The NutriBullet uses it's built in blade to make smooth beverages that contain all of the nutrients from the foods that you choose to use.  I personally bought the NutriBullet and have been very pleased with it thus far, with my only concern being how the blade will hold up after continued use.  Please see the Purchasing a NutriBullet section at the bottom of the article if you are interesting in buying this product.

Nutrition Extraction
One of the main themes behind the NutriBullet (affiliate link) is a concept called nutrition extraction.  The issue has been raised that even when we eat healthy foods, our body does not break them down well enough to get all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients possible.  This may be true, but I'll admit that I haven't done the research to see if this has been scientifically proven as a fact or not.  What the NutriBullet does is break down the fruits and vegetables into their most digestible form, which allows us to get all of the nutrients possible that we wouldn't necessary get from poorly chewed foods.

One fact that I was initially surprised by is that you can add nuts and seeds to your NutriBlast (what they refer to as a drink or smoothie) and the Extractor blade grinds them up, so they mix right in with the drink.  There aren't any small chunks left over that you have to chew, which is really impressive.  Some common nuts and seeds that taste good in a NutriBlast are almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds.

NutriBullet Product Features
If you choose to purchase the NutriBullet, you'll get the following:

*1 tall cup, which is where you put all of the ingredients for your drink
*1 High-torque Power Base
*1 Extractor Blade
*1 Milling Blade
*2 Cups
*2 Resealable lids for the cups
*1 user manual/recipe book
*1 pocket nutritionist book

Extracting versus Milling
As I mentioned above, when you purchase the NutriBullet, you'll get an Extractor blade and a Milling blade.  If you want to make a NutriBlast, you would use the Extractor blade, which breaks down the foods in the cup into a smooth liquid.  The process for this is very simple and can be completed in 4 steps.

1) Fill the tall cup with the ingredients
2) Twist on the Extractor blade to the top of the tall cup
3) Place the tall cup onto the Power Base, press down and twist to lock the motor on.
4) You can see the foods being turned into a liquid format.  Twist the cup to the left to unlock the motor and enjoy!

The Milling blade is used to turn dry foods into powders, which is especially useful for seeds or nuts.  The process is exactly the same as when you're making a NutriBullet drink, except the result is a powder.  I've only used the Extracting blade to make smoothies; I haven't made any powders yet with the Milling blade.  I have started to buy almond flour though, which is more nutritious and has fewer carbohydrates than regular flour.  I can now do this at home by simply using the Milling blade with a cup full of almonds.

NutriBullet User Manual/Recipe Book
One of the great things about the NutriBullet is that it comes with a user manual that also contains recipes, as well as a 6 week transformation guide to lose weight.  I think one of the most enjoyable things is mixing and matching foods to make your own smoothies.  You can pick and choose different vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and powders that you think would taste good together.  Then you can simply write down the ones that turned out well.  However, the recipe book is great for those who are unsure of what to make, or who need to make a quick NutriBlast and don't want to put much thought into it.  Below are my three favorite recipes from the recipe book:

Vita-Berry Blast
*1-2 handfuls of rinsed spinach
*1 cup of blueberries
*1 banana
*1 handful of strawberries

Toxin Cleansing Blast
*1-2 handfuls of rinsed spinach
*1 cored pear
*1 banana
*1 cored apple
*1 cup of pineapple

Energy Elixir
*2 handfuls of rinsed spring greens
*1 banana
*1 cup red grapes
*1 cored pear
*1/8 cup of walnuts

There are also some great recipes that you can find online.  This article provides NutriBullet recipes that are easy to make, one of them being a post workout smoothie.

I really appreciate what the NutriBullet can do after having used a traditional juicer for the past year.  The juicer was big, hard to clean, and worst of all, you had to add a lot of foods just to get a small juice drink.  I would usually make vegetable and fruit juices, however, half of the foods would be turned into pulp by the juicer, which you couldn't use.  I would just end up throwing it away, which seems like a huge waste.  With the NutriBullet, everything you add to your NutriBlast is used and consumed.  There isn't a side compartment where all the "waste" goes; you get all of the nutrients from the foods you choose to use.

I have used the NutriBullet countless times since I bought it and have ran into exactly zero problems.  The one thing I would even be mildly concerned about is the motor and blades holding up.  There isn't anything that has led me to believe that they won't, but it's really the only thing I can think of that would be a negative with this product.  It's great being able to make a nutritious smoothie in such a short amount of time, with minimal preparation and cleanup.  The glasses and blades are all dishwasher friendly, or you can simply clean them by hand.  Cleaning two parts, compared to about 10 with a juicer, is really a time saver and makes me want to use it more often.  

Purchasing a NutriBullet
You can purchase a NutriBullet online by going to (affiliate link).  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to improve their health, is looking to add healthy options to their diet, or who just enjoys a cold refreshing juice drink. 

If you have any questions about the NutriBullet, please feel free to use the Comments section at the end of the article and I would be happy to answer them.