Nasal problems plague millions. From allergies to the change of the seasons, the environment, and more can irritate and inflame sinuses. The irritation can develop into a sinus infection, which brings with it a great deal of pain and discomfort.

I’ve personally dealt with sinus problems for many years. It is a huge nuisance and can be excruciating to live through. While researching treatments and products for dealing with these problems, I came across Nutribiotic’s Nasal Spray.

It is an all-natural spray, with grapefruit seed extract as the active ingredient, that lubricates the sinus passages and can kill infection. After some review, I decided to give it a try. I immediately began to use the product and am extremely pleased and impressed with the results.

Product Description

Nutribiotic’s Nasal Spray PlusCredit: harrb

Unlike chemical sprays with pages of fine print instructions, directions, and warnings, Nutribiotic’s Nasal Spray comes with clear instructions and simple packaging. Everything is straightforward. The directions begin and end on the side of the box. It is a modest sized 1-ounce bottle. The pump is quick to prime and produces a clean mist.


I recently added Nutribiotic’s Nasal Spray to the list of natural remedies for fighting a sinus infection. Combined with the other measures I was taking against the infection, I attribute the lethal blow to finally kicking the infection to the natural spray.

I began to notice a positive difference after the first full day of use. It instantly treated the painful dryness in sinuses I was experiencing. After two days, the stagnate, filled passages were significantly less painful. Around the fourth or fifth day of continued use, nearly all the function was back. The sense of smell had returned. Passages were cleared and flowing. The sinus passages were no longer blocked and the overall discomfort of the sinus infection had left.

Nutribiotic’s Nasal Spray PlusCredit: harrb

Directions and dosage

The dosage is for one to two sprays per nostril up to three times a day. Where pharmaceutical steroid sprays can only be used for a few days before serious risk to adverse reactions and other problems, being all-natural, Nutribiotics Nasal Spray Plus does not have this dilemma. 

OverallNutribiotic’s Nasal Spray PlusCredit: harrb

The product is effective in producing positive results. Those who experience sinus infections, congestion, and other sinus problems should look into Nutribiotics Nasal Spray as a possible treatment measure to adopt. Personally, I have experienced very good results and highly recommend the product to those who stand to benefit from a natural, infection-fighting spray.

Best Qualities:

  • All-natural
  • Economical, low-cost
  • Continued use is okay
  • It works