NutriSystem and Jenny Craig diets, both are quite handy when you don't want to prepare whole meals or weight ingredients for your meal plans. While NutriSystem allows you to have interaction sessions over telephone or the internet, Jenny Craig centers are the most preferred places to get in touch.

The two programs share a common yet serious negative aspect. Both provide one with completely prepared meals, thus encouraging addiction against preparing your own meals! While Jenny Craig's program actually advocate starting out with just their diet and later switching over to self-cooked meals, it is highly impossible to switch over like that, as in switching over from an automatic transmission car to a bicycle! While at first this might seem to be a trivial issue, addiction to such ready-to-eat diet plans might have severe impact continuing with your weight loss regimen when having to switch over to cooking your own meals!

The NutriSystem program is projected and promoted as the ultimate turn-key diet plan solution. While all the nutritional requirements are tended, the person who is dieting doesn't need to cook at all! They also provide online counseling and resources to aid in the diet program. Jenny Craig's program advertises the diet program which requires minimal effort through prepared meals while providing the maximum number of choices. They emphasize on both personal face-to-face counseling as well as online counseling.

While the NutriSystem diet program advises supplementing the NutriSystem meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, the Jenny Craig system includes all the requirements and no supplementary food items are required.

While both programs entail minimal work in the initial stages of the diet regimen, the NutriSystem folks guarantee that it would remain so throughout the program, as long as one follows the guidelines word by word, and all that one needs to deliver is will-power. The Jenny Craig system advocates switching over to self-prepared meals as time progresses, with the focus changing to self-control with regular meals, although one can definitely continue with the pre-cooked meals which are hassle-free and require a few seconds to prepare.

Coming to the economic considerations, NutriSystem costs a slightly less $54.95 a week offering a further 15% discount for the Auto Ship Plan customers, than the Jenny Craig program, which costs $65 a week for the most basic plan, which can go up to $400 a month for added membership benefits. It all depends on the amount the person dieting is willing to shell out.

Both the programs state a weight loss rate of between 1-2 pounds a week, which is considered quite healthy by experts everywhere. This excludes the initial sharp fall which usually accompanies all dieting regimens.