Like many pet owners, we have been looking for some healthier alternative to traditional grocery store brand dog food ever since the dog food scare of a few years ago. You remember when a bunch of different dog foods were found to contain a chemical component that isn't even food? That was traced back to some sub-standard dog food components that were made in China and contaminated there. Long story short, we started looking for something different, something with ingredients that were guaranteed to be fresh and healthy for our canine family member. And after trying quite a number of different dog foods and reading a great deal about many of the different brands, even some of the supposedly healthy and expensive brands, we finally came down to selecting Nutro Dog Food.

If you are a pet owner you of course want to make sure you keep your dog as healthy as possible so it is important that you are able to provide them with a well balanced nutritional diet. That diet should be safe and guaranteed to come from safe sources of meat and grain, preferably North American sources of meat and grain. Nutro dog food offers proteins dogs need in order to maintain their health. There are plenty of varieties to choose from with chicken, salmon, and lamb for all different life stages and sizes of dogs. Dogs need a good well balanced dog food that doesn't have a lot of additives or artificial ingredients that don't offer positive effects for a dog's health and well being. Nutro seems to deliver this along with the pledge that the sources of the ingredients are safe and natural. The added bonus for us is that it is very reasonably priced compared to many of the higher end foods for dogs and our eight year old Australian Shepherd loves it.

Nutro has several different lines of food but we selected the Natural Choice line for all of the reason outlined above and because it seemed like a good balance between their bargain MAX line and the more expensive Ultra line. They are all supposedly natural with no strange chemicals or fillers, but the Natural Choice line also claimed that it guaranteed no extra parts from chickens (aka heads, etc – gross). Nutro contains three primary sources of protein which are chicken, lamb and salmon. These proteins offer your pet essential amino acids for stronger and leaner muscle development and tone along with natural sunflower and fish oils which aid in the dogs digestion of its food. A good natural dog food will also contain Tocopherol which is a natural preservative that is also a great source of Vitamin E that helps keep the dog food fresh without chemical preservatives. In order to maintain your family's health you do your best to avoid foods that contain a lot of preservatives and chemical additives so why not do the same thing for your pet to keep them healthy? If your dog lives another year longer by making sure you understand what goes his food and making sure that the food is healthy and free of chemicals and toxins, that is well worth a few extra bucks a bag for dog food.

Nutro dog food also contains linoleic acids which will help maintain your dog's shiny coat. Not all food contain linoleic acid and we have found since feeding our dog Nutro that his coat is indeed quite a bit shiner. He never smelled much before switching diets, but I could swear that he never smells at all now unless he has been swimming and then only for a few hours. Maybe I am just making something of nothing but I do attribute this to the more natural diet and the better ingredients for skin and coat.
This is one of the few dog food offers a holistic approach that will help fight against skin disease. This holistic approach is an effort to treat the whole dog and not just one symptom by being able to provide all the ingredients in a dog food to ensure your dog's overall health. Nutro dog food includes DHA which is good for the brain of mammels and has been shown to help dogs get successfully through training by providing ingredients to improve its learning processes. I think of it as a sort of brain mix of vitamins. The natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals work together to give your pet the most beneficial diet possible.

One thing to note if you are looking for a organic dog food is that Nutro is not an organic dog food but is a natural balance dog food. This supposedly means that the food comes from only natural sources meaning those found in nature and that the food is nutritionally balanced with all of the things your dog requires in his diet, but no fillers that just bulk up the food. This will help maintain your dog's health and keep them youthful. A dog that eats Nutro dog foods is also better trained and behaved, have lustrous coats and remain energetic throughout their lives. This dog food doesn't contain any of the bad ingredients that are detrimental to their health.

It is important to be informed to know which ingredients you do and don't want to find in your dog's food. The ingredients you want to find in the ingredients of the dog food you buy should include Human grade ingredients such as chicken meal, vegetables, lamb meal, sunflower oil, potatoes, rice, turkey meal, and last but not least fish meal among a few others such as vitamins and minerals. Dogs need fish for the same reason that people do; the omega-3 fatty acids are good for their circulatory system and many other things. The ingredients to be avoided are preservatives, gluten, wheat, corn, soy and chicken by products. We didn't even know that these strange chicken parts were used in dog food until we started researching different dog foods.

You will be able to help your dog live a long and energetic life if you choose dog foods that contain the right ingredients without preservatives and additives such as soy or corn by products. Nutro dog food fits the bill in all the right ways. There are a number of other dog foods that do as well, but for the price I don't think that Nutro can be beat. Ruff! Ruff!