Nearly everyone has a wallet. It is an important accessory for carrying our money and credit cards, and it is now becoming a part of the fashion world. Like every other accessory, it has been undergoing transition not only in terms of materials used but also in colors, styles and designs. Usually people have more than one wallet, as it needs to fit different outfits. A wallet represents a person's taste and status. Based on the way it is folded, there are bi-fold and tri-fold wallets; based on how it is held, there are breast wallets, chain wallets etc; based on its material, there are leather wallets, canvas wallets and nylon wallets. All of these types can be available in various styles, colors and sizes.

When you think of men’s wallets, what do you think of? Usually, the type of wallet that comes to mind is a stylish leather wallet, professional looking, classic, tri-fold or bi-fold wallet. Rarely, when considering a man’s wallet, do we think of a nylon wallet. It is true that leather wallets are sharp looking and very common among men, but there are also many benefits of choosing nylon wallets.

Nylon is a synthetic fiber and has been increasingly used not only in wallets but also handbags, backpacks and other men and women’s accessories, mainly due to its strength and durability. Nylon wallets are generally used matched to casual and sportswear because they are water and sweat resistant; this characteristic makes them an excellent choice for travelers and backpackers. Wallets made from materials like nylon, canvas etc are generally adapted to casual purposes, and are most popular amongst young men, teenagers and sportsmen.

Nylon wallets, handbags, purses etc are available in every color of the rainbow, as well as patterned designs, so you needn't worry that dragging your wallet out in public will be a tacky display. Nylon wallets are handy; they are available in all styles and have all the practical features you'd find in any leather wallet on the market. In fact, many high fashion designers have come out with some really chic nylon accessories, with leather trimmings, and with textures and colors that cannot be done with leather. These look more stylish and offer a nice variation to the classical leather wallets.

While a leather wallet can be lovely in appearance, it's also a pricey way to store those few bills we've got to carry. For many of us, nylon wallets are a more attractive alternative for everyday use, because compared to a leather wallet, they are cheaper, lighter, do not scratch and can be tossed in with the laundry when they get dirty.

There's simply nothing like these casual nylon wallets. Fashion conscious teens, young men and women can afford to have a few of these durable wallets to carry them through any occasion, and their variety only adds to the spice of life.