If you are looking for a new career, want to earn some extra cash, or just need to add some skills to improve your skill set, then enrolling in an online bartending school may be for you.

Why bartending school?

By obtaining an alcohol server certification or bartender's license, you will show current and future employers that you understand liquor laws and know how to serve alcohol responsibly. Other online bartending classes may focus on mixology, food safety, bar management, or specific alcohol certification. These different types of certifications can be considered highly desired in the hospitality industry. In addition, many of the skills taught in an online bartending school may lead to better jobs, and bigger tips. While this article will focus on the online bartending schools that teach the basics of bartending with a focus on liquor laws and mixology, many online schools also offer a "Flair" class option. This may be a great choice for those currently bartending, but looking to enhance their current skills or move ahead in their profession.

Why online?

Online classes give you the opportunity to study when you have free time and let you work at your own pace. Depending on your pace and amount of free time, some online bartending schools note that you can finish classes in two weeks, which is comparable to a classroom course that meets for three hours a day Monday through Friday.

Of course, in person classes offer another set of perks. You will get hands-on experience possibly in real bars and night clubs. This may be something you want to consider as it adds the extra dimension of a stressful, loud, and crowded situation that you can't simulate sitting on your couch watching some videos and taking a few quizzes.

How are these classes taught?

A good online bartending school will offer you a variety of materials that may include videos, audio, books, quizzes or tests, a home practice kit, and a bar simulator. Certainly, each online bartending school offers different products. In addition, there are a lot of bartending recipes and demonstrations you can find free online. You should make sure to research so you know exactly what the program includes, and that the one you pick works best with your study habits.

What will I learn?

The study materials that online bartending schools offer you will teach you what you need in order to work in a bar or restaurant setting. Typically a bartending course will cover various liquor laws. The class will also discuss the names, flavors, and usage of liquors and liqueurs found in a bar. These courses also may demonstrate typical bar setup and glassware used in the bartending industry. As you become more familiar with the different liquors and liqueurs, the instructional materials will begin teaching you mixology skills so you can apply basic recipes to make a variety of drinks. In addition, you will learn the correct techniques to create drinks, and the program may even have you practice the skills. Finally, as you will be working in the hospitality industry, online bartending classes may include a section that teaches you customer service. This may include hints and tips to keep in mind as you are working with a variety of consumers.

What are the costs of online bartending schools compared to in-person classes?

Online bartending schools starts as low as $35 and can cost upward to $200. Compared to classroom bartending studies this is a cost effective method, as in-person classes range from $139 to $600.

Anything else that I should look for?

It should be reiterated that when you are looking for an online bartending class that you are getting something special for your money and not just a few recipes and video demonstrations that a google search may not provide for free.
When you are looking for a bartending school online, you will want to ensure that it is accredited. This accreditation will typically be through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This will let you know that this business has served customers and they’ve been satisfied with their experience. You may also want to look for a school that offers phone or email support. If you are having trouble with a video or not understanding a concept this could be extremely beneficial. Another consideration would be if the online school offers you the opportunity to take your state specific exam. In addition, it may be important to you that the class is interactive with more quizzes, flashcards, and other features. It is recommended to thoroughly look through the website and any frequently asked questions. Lastly, some online schools offer resume help and job placement. This additional feature can be helpful in landing your next job in the hospitality industry.

Sounds good so far, are there any requirements?

The majority of online bartending classes only state technical requirements. Since it is an online course, you will need an internet connection. The other technical requirements ensure that your computer will be able to play all the videos and audio components that you'll need to complete the course. Be sure to check the specific website to make sure the program will work with your computer.

Do bar owners hire people who go to online bartending school?

This question varies based on the bar owner and experience he has had with past employee. Some bar owners may think this is a great addition to a resume. While others may have had a previous bartender who may have taken an online class to boost his resume, but never practiced the skills he learned and the owner was unimpressed. Research into the industry in your specific geographic area, and local bars or restaurants may be your best insight to finalize your decision to take online bartending classes.