Bathroom vanities are available in various styles and designs. There are contemporary and modern ones, as well as the traditional and country style vanity units to suit the needs of different consumers. For those who prefer to have a traditional bathroom setting, you may want to opt for an oak bathroom vanity unit that will bring you several advantages when using it.

Oak is one of the classic woods for bathroom vanities. It adds style and elegance to any bathroom that goes after a country theme. Oak vanities come in different kinds. For instance, if you prefer designs that reflect a more antique look, you can choose oak vanity units that have heavy carvings and vanity faucets with ornamental looks. On the other hand, contemporary oak vanities have simpler designs with lesser carvings that can blend into modern bathrooms. Nevertheless, due to the solid constructions and strong oak material, both traditional and contemporary ones will last for many years to allow ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment.

When you are selecting the oak bathroom vanity, you have to evaluate the oak before making any purchase. It is important that you find out if the wood has been treated and finished properly to prevent it from warping due to the moisture in the bathroom. In addition, the quality of wood is also another factor. Certain oak bath vanity cabinets are made from real wood and not press boards. It is essential that you select these high quality woods because they ensure greater strength and longer durability. Although oak vanities are seen mainly in brown or black colours, you can always choose the shade of colour that you want for your bathroom. It is better that you can purchase a vanity with contrasting colours with your bathroom surroundings. For instance, if the tiles in the room are of lighter tone, then it will be great if you get a darker shade vanities for bathrooms so that it will stand out.

To further enhance the traditional or country style of your bathroom, your other bathroom furniture and accessories can either be in oak material, or other kinds of wood. Avoid combining different kind of materials, such as wood and metal, as this will totally ruin the setting of your bathroom. Toilets seats, toilet door knobs or mirrors can be redesigned to blend into your desired theme. It would be good if the design of your entire house can flow together. Although oak bathroom vanities are more costly compared to other vanities, they are definitely worthy investments that you will benefit from.