When you buy a flat screen TV, the only other thing that's missing is an oak TV stand. Sure, you could always mount a flat screen TV to the wall. There's nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to add a little to your home's decor, then why not go with an oak corner TV stand? Because Oak is one of the most recognized and popular furniture materials used in homes. Nothing quite beats oak. Big and small oak TV stands for flat screen TVs are real money savers when shopping online for discount deals going. Regardless of what kind of budget you have in mind, then checkout the collection of what you can find online. Save yourself some trouble and find out what's within your price range, and what kind of oak corner TV stand will do for your flat screen TV.

Oak Corner TV Stands

If you got a big 46 inch plasma TV, then online you can find some great deals going for the Riley Holiday 46 corner plasma TV stand. It comes in burnished oak, and its quite the traditional looking oak cabinet corner stand for flat screen TVs. It's quite big and spacious. A glass cabinet door is featured to store your home entertainment systems. It's exactly 46 inches wide that will obviously fit up to 46 inches of flat screen televisions. Oak corner television stands are a bit expensive, but a pretty good deal is going for the Riley Holiday. CSN stores has great deals and shipping is always free when shopping online at their website.


Leick Riley Holliday Corner TV Stand, 46-Inch, Burnished Oak
Amazon Price: $275.00 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2016)

Large Oak Corner TV Stands

If you have something bigger in mind, like 52 inches, then the Legends Furniture Scottsdale 52 inch corner television stand is going for a remarkable 40% discount. It's really a beautiful looking oak corner television stand for flat screen TVs of up to 52 inches in width. Two cabinet doors are featured on each side of the console. Three open shelves in the middle for DVDs, blue-ray disc players, and VCRs. It features a rustic finish that keeps that classy and traditional flavor. This is a pretty expensive oak corner television stand. Retail prices can go as high as $800. However, you can find great deals going below $500 dollars online at CSN stores.

City Loft TV Console 52" Console
Amazon Price: $617.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2016)
52 inches of space provides everything you new for you huge entertainment system.

If that's not enough and you're looking for something bigger, then the Solid Wood corner TV stand by wilshire furniture will hold up to 56 inches for flat screen televisions. Two glass doors are featured for storing pictures and home theater systems. Two small drawer shelves are featured on top. A free lifetime warranty is also included, that's one of the upsides of purchasing this beautiful oak finished hardwood construction corner stand. Prices are on sale and can be purchased online at numerous websites for fraction of the price at retail.

This solid wood should stand the test of time, and keep your beautiful television set protected.

Small Oak Corner TV Stands

If you're just looking for small space saving television stand for your beautiful flat screen TV system, then take a look at the Classic Flame glendale oak corner fireplace TV stand. A 23 inch small firebox is featured on the bottom of the corner TV stand. It's unique and something different to spruce up your home living room. 1350 watt or 4600 BTU heats up to a 400 square foot room. It will hold up to 23 inches for flat screen television sets. You can purchase online at oneclickmx.com. Prices are expensive though and cost nearly a thousand dollars.

ClassicFlame 23MM374-O107 Beverly TV Stand for TVs up to 55", Premium Oak
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2016)
The Classic Flame Beverly a beautiful and modern style stand that many have found quite beautiful with its unique design. You can't beat amazon prices.

If money is more of an issue, then you can purchase a 36 inch oak corner television stand for flat TVs for just a hundred dollars. It's hard to beat prices like that, but the Sauder Harvest mill corner entertainment stand is one of the cheaper, yet nicer looking modern oak corner television stands. It's light and weighs just 95 pounds. It features an abbey oak finish and two shelves that can store over 50 DVDs, or it can be used for your DVD player and VCR. You can shop online at numerous different retail stores. It's a pretty easy product to find on the web. If you need something bigger, then you'll find other Sauder oak corner TV stands going online at the same site. This seems

Sauder Harvest Mill Corner Entertainment Stand, Abbey Oak Finish
Amazon Price: $139.99 $99.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2016)
This one of the more most affordable stands to buy on the market. You're not going to find many, if any cheaper than this Sauder Harvest corner entertainment stand.