There are plenty of different dining chairs you can purchase for your home. Why not go with something that brings some class, and traditional style to your home? Solid oak blends in well with most homes. An oak finished that is featuring a comfortable upholstered seating makes for a simple yet classy eloquence for y our home. Of course caster wheels are highly recommended, since they don't scratch up floors. It's very easy to movable chairs with caster wheels. Caster wheels are pretty versatile, and something a lot of home owners loves since they won't scratch of their beautiful floors. They can be used in your home, office, kitchen, or for your dining room. Heck, they can even be used as your end table chair in the living room. Whichever you prefer, these chairs provide comfort, stability, and style. Down below are some of the popular ones that are currently being sold online for the best price. Some are a bit expensive, but if you scroll down below you'll find some of the cheaper ones that are being sold online.

Oak Dining Chairs to Buy

Online we have the ever so popular and beautiful rustic oak finish. A very popular look to choose from. This is a very simple, rustic, and traditional appearance. It makes for the perfect compliment to use for your computer or office. It can also be used as for dining rooms, whichever you choose. The seating features include upholstered cushioning, along with scratch free casters that are included on this solid oak dining chair. It's an armed chair featuring a chenile seat. Dimensions are 20"W x 25"D x 39"H. Prices are a little high, but these oak dining chairs with casters are going for sale for a 30% discount. Prices cost slightly over $500 dollars.

The Set of 2 dining chairs come with casters, and is a beige polyester microfiber is going for cheap prices online at vision decor. It's a very comfortable dining chair, with oak legs and arms. The casters offer plenty of mobility to move around in. The 100% polyester microfiber upholstered seating is very comfortable, and spacious enough to not make you feel crowded. The solid oak finish should blend in well with traditional home styles. Prices are going on sale and can be bought for under $400 dollars.


Powell Hamilton Swivel-Tilt Dining Chair on Casters, 2-Piece in 1 carton
Amazon Price: $408.00 $219.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 23, 2013)

Leather Oak Dining Chairs

The Set of 2 dining chairs that comes with casters also feature a leather dining chair to purchase. Prices are a little higher than the beige polyester microfiber chair. You can also buy this product online at vision decor. The natural tone leather caster chair features solid wood, and a caramel oak finish. Extra padded leather on the seating provides adequate orthopedic support. Arms are also featured on the chairs. Prices are slightly higher, going for around $500 dollars.

The Hillsdale furniture covington with casters is going for cheap prices on quite a few online stores. A really nice look to it. The upholstery is made from leather. It's a cheap leather oak that seems rather comfortable to sit it. The perfect office or dining room chair to use. It's very comfortable. So comfortable, that you can easily fall asleep sitting on it. It features a solid oak finish and the casters won't scratch up floors. It's very versatile, in that is can even be used as a living room chair as well. The upholstered foam padding gives you plenty of cushioning. Prices for these cheap oak dining chairs with casters are well below $300 dollars. Cheap prices are going online at underbid,, and one way furniture.

Hillsdale Warrington Caster Game Chair
Amazon Price: $499.99 $252.38 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 23, 2013)

Cheap Oak Dining Chairs

Probably the absolute cheapest to purchase online at numerous stores online is currently the cappuccino microfiber & oak mid-back ergonomic office task chair. However, this really isn't meant for dining room use. I think this looks quite well for an office room, or a steady. I guess it can be used as a dining room, but It's definitely more of an office chair. It's pretty small, and you must assemble the chair together. It features a mid-back, upholstered in microfiber, and a cappuccino finish on the upholstery. Prices are going slightly under $100 dollars at amazon. You can check out amazon for more on dining room furniture to by. They got quite a few cheap ones going for prices around $100 dollars.

Boss Microfiber Mid-Back Ergonomic Task Chair, Cappuccino
Amazon Price: $106.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 23, 2013)

The Grand Bay that's created by Hillsdale Furniture is another cheap chair, going for sale online at It's armless that also is featuring a really beautiful oak finish. It doesn't automatically come with caster wheels, but they can be customized for your preference. You also have the choice of purchasing the chair in a cherry finish, instead of a solid oak finish. A comfortable brown upholstery is also featured and blends in well with either oak or cherry. Prices cost a little higher than a hundred dollars.