There are many retail stores that sell oak dining room tables and buying one for your home is a very good idea if you're a fan of modern wooden furniture designs. Sawn oak is versatile and many tables are made using exclusively this type of material.  Dining tables and chairs, oak end tables and side tables, and pedestal tables are all popular choices when it comes to oak furniture.

These tables are highly durable and they can last for generations - becoming family heirlooms. Oak tables not only look good but they can become the centerpiece of your house. Oak tables suffer less from “wear and tear” than conventional tables. A mixed version or so called a new designed table with a glass top and an oak base is a popular contemporary table choice. Oak tables can be used in a garden or a dining room. When it comes to a dining room both design and function are of utmost importance, and oak delivers on both these desires.

When you are new to a neighborhood, the dining room can become a meeting place. Invite your neighbors over for coffee and sit at your dining room table chatting. Because this room may leave a strong first impression on your neighbors, take care to create a look that reveals your chic designing sense as well as your personality. Some people think that tables made of oak are cheap and fragile, but this is not so. If the furniture is tested properly by the manufacturer and all the standards are met, then it is highly durable and easy to maintain. No one wants to purchase a low-quality item at a high price. Oak will not make you compromise quality for price.

One word of caution before you buy oak dining room tables: make sure that your table is not made of pressed wood. It should be made from solid oak to ensure its quality and durability. Pressed wood is comprised of pieces of wood glued together. Pressed wood tables are not stronger than solid wood and may cause trouble after one or two seasons, as it is prone to warp and chip after a short time. Avoid this type of furniture at all costs.

Of  course, any wood furniture can wear over time. It requires a special varnish coating to avoid marring and scratching.

The dining table of choice also depends on the kind of space you have available. If  your room is very spacious then you can use any shape for your table, but if the space is small a square table will function best. It is a perception that round tables occupy more space then the square ones but it is not true. A square table seats less people then a round one, so the precise arrangement of seats certainly matters. If you have a smaller room and use a round table then make sure that the table has a pedestal that allows for good leg space. Keep the room a bit darker or under a muted light. It will create a perfect relaxing environment. You may avoid overcrowding by making sure that you have an extra pair of extendable oak dining leaves for your table.


There should be a walking space of 2.5 to 3 feet around the perimeter of a table. So you may choose a fixed or expandable one according to your needs. There are many retail stores available where you can purchase oak dining room tables. In today’s world, you may also purchase quality merchandise online. You may just click on the following links and see what looks best for your dining room and order it right away: