Oak Island is a 140 acre island in Mahone Bay of the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

In 1795 a group of young boys playing on this island discovered an area of disturbed earth beneath a tree where a wooden winch was hanging. This discovery led to a century’s long search for treasure on Oak Island that has to this day yet to yield its mysteries.

This search began on that same day, the young boys, who, after digging deeper and deeper, came across layers of flagstones, wooden planks and pick marks on the side of the shaft.After 30 feet they gave up and years later the dig was resumed by a company eager to retrieve the treasure or treasures the pit might contain. They in turn uncovered layers of coverings made from planks and coconut. 90 feet down they gave up due to flooding.

Group after group arrived to try their hand at excavating the pit during the 1800’s, coming up with inventive ways of digging but getting nowhere. A drill was used by a company called the Truro company in 1849 but little good it did only bringing up scraps of metal, oak and clay.

All through the 1800’s and 1900’s various attempts were made at retrieving a fortune in what was believed to be buried treasure, possibly the finds of a pirate raid.The mystery of the island has attracted the people from all over, from various eras of history including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Errol Flynn, John Wayne and King George of England

In 1967, the current owner of part of the island, Daniel Blankenship, co-formed a company which purchased the island and carried out excavation work, digging a 230 foot shaft deep into the earth. The shaft collapsed before any finding could be verified. Later, lack of funds halted progress up until the present day.

The Canadian laws of excavation for treasure fall under a treasure trove law which has strict guidelines on digging and who owns the find once it has been dug out of the earth, if it exists at all.It might be a lost cause, hundreds of men and women for centuries have hunted for treasure on Oak Island ever since those young boys came across its mystery and nobody has found anything real.

This mystery has led to speculation and theories about what may lie at the bottom of the money pit and who buried it including:

  • Pirates - Captain Kidd and Blackbeard the pirate are two of many potential pirates who, themselves and their crew, may have buried their booty on Oak Island.
  • French crown jewels - The jewels of Marie Antoinette were spirited away during the French revolution during the 1700’s which might have ended up on this remote Island.
  • Natural sinkholes containing coincidental debris and caves at various intervals.

 The Island has yet to give up its secrets through the centuries, it remains to be seen will it ever.