Oak Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon

Inexpensive and Delicious Wines

Wine is a difficult taste to get accustomed to for many people, including this author.  I've graduated, for sure, from Boones Farm Strawberry Hill and Riunite Lambrusco, and Mogan and David wines to actual sophisticated titles.

Although some of the more sophisticated wines had large price tags, they were not my "cup of tea".  I did not give up, however, and found that even when I had limited funds I was able to find wine that fulfilled many of my own desires and expectations.

One such name brand wine is Oak Leaf.  I found this label at Wal Mart in the wine section.  At a price tag in my region of $2.77 a bottle, it was just in my price range as a Wal Mart shopper.  I bought some White Zinfindel wine that was bottled by Oak Leaf and took it home.  I was astounded by the crisp flavor of the wine, the lack of bitterness and the aroma and mild sweetness of the wine.  It immediately became my favorite wine to drink.

For a year I drank Oak Leaf White Zinfindel, and then decided I would try another of their wines.  I purchased a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the same winery and was pleased to discover that it was every bit as good as the Zinfindel.  This bold red wine was slightly dry, and not bitter at all.  Another positive discovery from Oak Leaf wineries. 

In my adventures through very inexpensive but respectable wines, I then chose to purchase a Sweet Red bottled by Oak Leaf.  I was not as impressed with this wine, merely because it was very sweet.  But then the label indicates clearly that it is a sweet red wine.  I was able to complete the bottle of Sweet Red by adding it to some mixed fruit and making it into a sangria.  It was very good for that application, and would be a delightful wine for cooking fruity deserts.

Recommending the Oak Leaf brand of wine located at Wal Mart is an easy choice for me.  The flavor of each different style of wine I've purchased has been appropriately bold or light, depending on the intent of the wine.  The price, under $3.00 a bottle regionally makes it a very tempting choice.