Oak switch plates come in a variety of styles to suit almost any décor. Using the same type of wood for your switch plates as you use for your furniture can pull the room together and make it feel like unified. Oak is a hardwood and in its unfinished state is pretty light in color.

Wood switch plate covers can be cut into a wide range of styles. They can be the standard rectangle or the edges can be curved. The wood can have carvings on it to give it additional decorative appeal. These decorative switch plates can be antique, contemporary, rustic, or Victorian (to name a few).

Unfinished oak switch plates are attractive and simple. Well sanded and unfinished oak doesn't need any additional decorations or ornamentation to make it look great. It has a rustic country charm that will easily fit into a western theme.

There are many stains that can be used to add color and depth to oak. It can be stained to almost any color under the sun. Most wood is stained in wood tones (that makes sense) but you can get stained oak switch plates in other colors such as purple and pink.

Painted oak switch plates can be used to match other room furnishings. Oak can be painted any color by the person who purchased it or it can come painted by the manufacturer. Pained wood can have scenes and items painted on them to give the wall plates a little extra charm and character.

Wooden switch plates often have carvings on them. Scrollwork can be carved into the edges while animals and other designs can be carved into the main part of the plate.

Although wood is sometimes thought of as old fashioned or antique you can get more contemporary oak switch plates. Contemporary oak switch plates are often light in color and have a sleek and modern design.

Rustic oak switch plates are pretty popular today. The rustic look is often used in cabins, man-caves, and kitchens. Any place that you'd generally think of finding lots of wood is a good opportunity to experiment with rough and woody textures and design elements.

Oak wall plates will always be available in all of the most commonly needed types. Push button switch plates are an older style that is not seen in newer construction. Rocker switch plates are a single switch that you push one direction for up and one for down. Toggle switch plates are the most common in households today. There are also outlet covers to be considered and outlet/switch combos that need covering.

Doing an inventory of you switches, outlets, and combos before starting to shop is important. Some switches have a single switch but many have 2, 3, or even more switches in one place. Knowing how many of each that you have in every room that is being replaced will save a lot of thinking when it comes time to pick up your wall plates.

Wall plates are easy to install or change. As styles and tastes change picking up new decorative switch plates is a cost effective way to keep up with the current decorating trends. Although quality wood never goes out of style sometimes we can get bored with it and want a change. Maybe some bright and cheerful ceramic switch plate covers will work today while oil rubbed bronze switch plates will be desired tomorrow.