Oath Keepers
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Oaths are sacred to an Oath Keeper

According to Wikipedia[1], the idea of an oath and the taking of oaths come to us today from the Anglo Saxon tradition.  At the same time Judaism and Jewish tradition has the same concept reaching back to a record of far earlier. In fact, oath taking was recorded in the book of Genesis in the eighth chapter and twenty first verse.  The oath taker in the scripture from Genesis is none other than God himself, and well, we are well led to see the seriousness of such activities if we can only wrap our heads around the cosmology of it all. Virtually every ancient culture with a notable imprint upon today's Western society also has a tradition of oath taking.

Taking an oath has forever been considered something extremely solemn, something one is bound to, and can not break away from.  For this reason oath breakers have always been considered and named something rather unsavory, such as warlocks. While it is common, and also silly to think of a warlock as a male witch, that isn't so, a warlock is merely a double minded man or woman, or a dishonest man or woman, typically in the USA today a warlock is a politician like Barack Hussein Obama, someone who seemingly finds it impossible to actually say a thing, and then mean it. Clearly, a man like Obama is an oath breaker.

The problem with politics in the USA is mostly a simple one.  Politicians are controlled by international corporations[2] and an international criminal banking cartel ran by the House of Rothschild.  There's also some good evidence that seventeen "super entities"virtually control the entire planet[3] in the political realm.  If the Swiss study which concluded this concerning the "super entities" controlling the planet is correct, then it seems plain that we as a political people on the Earth are controlled by fascism, something which Benito Mussolini[4] had said should actually be called "corporatism," as it is a merger of state and corporate power.

The framers of the United States Constitution[5] had sought to ensure the people of the USA were free from the corporatism we see today, and endowed with certain rights which could never be taken away from them.  All police officers, soldiers, and politicians are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.  Most of these people, however, are too weak in their morality to comprehend the weight of this, they are mostly robotic sorts seeking a paycheck, and are thus self seeking rather than oath honoring in the face of social pressures and international influence.  Standing in opposition to those too weak in their morality, or without much in the way of morality, are the Oath Keepers, a group of police and military persons dedicated to honoring their oaths and upholding the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

They Swore To Uphold The Constitution - They Took It Seriously

Oath Keepers
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We Need More Oath Keepers

Very few people question that in the USA, since the 911 fiasco, the federal government of the USA has been growing a police state[6].  We see daily a never ending disgrace of police violence and intrusive federal government. Quite literally, the US federal government has used the excuse of 911 to promote fear of our very neighbors, and to violate our constitutional rights. The "patriot act[7]" was the first disgraceful piece of legislation passed in violation of our human rights, and rights as citizens of the United States of America,  Even worse than Bush's "patriot act" is the Obama administration, and its inherently repugnant to humanity's constitutional violating NDAA[8], a document which literally states the president has the right and authority to indefinitely detain without trial or even accusation of crime, any human being forever. It is clear these depths of depravity have never been seen in legislation in the USA since the abolishment of slavery.

In the USA we the people here have a proud tradition and the novel idea that the government is subservient to the people[9], and not the other way around. The second amendment was provided to ensure the government be held in check[10], and not become something like what it is now under Obama, and Bush before him. The cry of the communists who use the term "progressive[11]" as a disguise has been since the beginning, "no one is coming for your guns."  They say this to relay some sort of ease, all the while knowing their champion Obama wants the USA completely disarmed. The history of the communist world has been filled with gun confiscation just prior to the slaughter of millions of citizens.

In rogue states such as California, gun confiscation is happening[12]. It is, quite obviously, impossible to see another man as your equal if you believe he doesn't have the right to own a weapon when you also believe that you do, or that police or military persons do. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Oath Keepers are our best friends in this fight against tyranny for their refusal to partake in it, and to instead, stand up for the rights of their brothers and sisters. It's happening in Colorado[13] where Sheriffs are refusing to adhere to state laws which violate the United States Constitution.  Gun confiscation is likely to start a civil war in the USA, and this is seemingly the goal of the "progressive" who pretends for all the world to be a peace loving, reasonable, rational sort of person, while all the while is begging for this very violent thing to come about.  The person who seeks gun control is an enemy of peace, or either an ignorant sort who's no education in history, and no understanding of it. There is hope, of course, there is always hope.  Many Sheriffs across the nation and even in communist/progressive dominated states such as New York refuse to enforce Obama's unconstitutional gun control laws. These, my friends, are your oath keepers, the only persons seeking the peace we decent people so desire.

The Oath Keepers are an American non-profit organization made up of active and former military and law enforcement persons who will absolutely refuse to follow any orders violating the United States Constitution. A very new organization, the Oath Keepers were founded in March of 2009 by Yale law school graduate and former US army paratrooper Stewart Rhodes. The organization is also somewhat associated with the ideals and groups supporting former congressman Ron Paul.  Of late the Oath Keepers are supporting the exploits of former NSA employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden, a man who absolutely honored his oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  If Snowden is said to have aided and abetted the enemy, then it is only logical the persons who say such things view the citizens of the United States of America as the enemy of the US federal government.  It also follows that the US federal government is, in fact, the enemy of the US citizen.

Dear readers, the NRA and the Oath Keepers are the persons who are most concerned about your human rights.  Slaves never own firearms, and the man or woman who believes you shouldn't own the single thing which makes you the equal of the criminal is either delusional, or is absolutely not your friend for hatred of you.  Support your Oath Keepers, the world needs more disobedience. Thanks for reading.