A Healthy Life

Nutrition Eatting

A wholesome and healthy life should save time, energy, and expense. Nutrition eating shouldn't break the bank. Consider eating oatmeal, specifically: make and eat oatmeal in jar. Oatmeal recipes don't need to be bland and boring, nor do the need to demand lots of time and unnecessary work. Learn a creative and resourceful oatmeal recipe, learn why and how to make oatmeal in a jar.

The Mason Jar

The mason jar is perhaps the most versatile of all common house-hold containers. Few other items have better stood the challenging test of time. While initially intended and still used for canning, portable food storage is an equally valuable use, though certainly less common. And of all the foods one can transport with mason jars, oatmeal is a personal favorite.

Why Oatmeal?

First: nutrition. Oats contain an extremely high amount of protein, which is why they're commonly fed to horses. It's also a "whole food," meaning it hasn't been processed into a packaged product (which are wise to avoid when trying to live a healthy life) and why one can eat oatmeal in a jar. Thankfully, this means oatmeal will never contain high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil (article on high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil). And research indicates that oats can help prevent diabetes, decrease one's risk of getting cancer, maintain healthy bodyweight and bowel function, and generally promote a healthy life.

Second: practicality. Few eagerly rush to wash the oatmeal pot. That's because of the film created by the oats when cooked. But when the method is oatmeal in a jar, there's less to clean. It's also easy to transport, making for the perfect portable meal or snack.

The Process - How to Make Oatmeal in a Jar

Sally Fallon, author of the valuable Nourishing Traditions suggests soaking oats overnight to increase their nutrition. So begin the night before.

  1. Pour some oats and any desired additions (such as raisins, apples, or other dried fruit) into a mason jar of desired size.
  2. Add enough warm water to barely cover the contents and cover, just not airtight. Ideally, use non-chlorinated and non-fluorinated water (article on simple sustainable filtering), as these raise serious health concerns.
  3. Sleep and dream of delicious oatmeal in a jar and lasting health :)
  4. In the morning: Add some boiling hot water to warm the oatmeal and eat when desired, or pack away and add the water when desired. 

One last thing...

Enjoy! Simple, tasty, and delightful, the process of eating oatmeal in a jar brings happiness and joy. Store the spoon inside the jar when finished. Seal it tight until washed. Get creative and try it with peanut butter, a personal favorite!

College, that peculiar period of experimentation, led to this discovery of eating oatmeal in a jar. Just think of the many new contexts people will now begin this blessed process.