Obagi elastiderm contains the advance bi-mineral complex that aids in replenishing elastin, build up collagen and cross-link the two important skin elements for maintaining a youthful look and glowing skin. With this, the skin can achieve elasticity, lift, snap, and resilience. This skin care product completely fights aging and it is a non-irritating skin care solution.

Elastiderm Night Eye Cream

To know what can an Obagi elastiderm can do for you, you need to ponder first on its two main ingredients, the elastin and collagen and what the uniqueness of each is. An elastin is a type of protein that can be rarely replaced by our human body and they usually linger on our undisturbed tissues even up to their entire lifespan. Elastin makes up 2 to 4 percent of our skin but it is composes elastic fiber the most. A collagen on the other hand comprises 70 percent of our skin. Collagen provides strength for the skin while elastin works for elasticity.

Obagi Elastiderm (22481)

Now, the Obagi elastiderm works to produce these two skin elements necessary to fight aging. This cream is used for the skin-eye treatment which is proven to maintain elasticity to the skin around our eyes and aids in minimizing visible fine lines and wrinkles as fast as 2 weeks. The elastiderm is not a moisturizer if you think it is. It is a periocular anti-aging product that contains malonic acid and bi-mineral complex. The ingredients fuel the production of new fibroblast cells, build up the production of elastin and collagen proteins and cross-link two proteins in order to produce indecipherable elastin and fibers of collagen

Elastiderm product

The Obagi elastiderm usually comes in two forms, either an eye cream or an eye gel. But between the two, the eye cream is the most preferred of users who have normal to dry skin or those users who live in cool regions. The eye gel is in demand for users who have normal to oily skin and those who live in places with humid weather conditions. Both the eye cream and the eye gel are non-comedogenic so it only means that they can't cause skin irritations and are safe to use. This Obagi skin care product is specially designed to be used for skin around the eyes but can also be uses to other areas on the face. Aside from the elastiderm, there are still other products such as Obagi Cleanser that you may try to complete your anti-aging regimen.